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Cloud Solutions

Nowadays, computing systems and services tend to migrate from local storage to more practical cloud environments. Cloud is a server-basedsolution for business that enables companies to achieve an exceptional networking experience and maintain a continuous real-time workflow. Over the past years, online sharing and syncing have become a global trend at business and private levels.

Cloudsolutions empower businesses by providing them with anywhere-access and seamless networking experience where the sky, or rather the cloud, is the limit. In view of the relevance of remote storage technology, Sirin Software has developed cloudcomputingsolutions for dynamic businesses.

Multiple Device Backup & Recovery

Link Android smartphones, Windows PCs, and iOS tablets to a single account and sleep safely tonight. It is important to understand that syncing and backup are not the same thing. In the former case, we upload selected files and folders for quick access, whereas backup is more about data protection. This is a bulk measure aimed to prevent losing all files across all devices in the company. Our engineers work closely with your team to identify pain points and develop a custom interface tailored to your business.


  • Reduced disaster recovery time – get your data back in seconds;
  • Safe and secure storage in Sirin Software’s global data centers;
  • Help desk available day and night;
  • Compliance with data center standards (SOC2, HIPPA).

PublicCloud Management

Serving companies worldwide from our home in Kyiv, Ukraine, we know how important it is to find the right publiccloudsolutions in a global cloud-enabled environment. We will need to discuss your vision for the project in order to offer a custom-built service that would meet all of your requirements. Sirin Software engineers will help you deal with cost and security issues, as well as develop an optimal management plan regardless of where the cloud is hosted. 


  • World-class infrastructure designed for secure private clouds and physical servers;
  • Publiccloud management. Performance and trend monitoring;
  • Custom redundant backup solutions.

Virtual Desktop Infrastructure

We make it easy for all users to access the virtual desktop from their personal smart devices. Simple deployments help lessen the burden on IT management and thus reduce the costs. With a single operating system for your virtualized desktop, all users will be able to connect to the businessnetwork regardless of whether they use Android smartphones or iOS tablets. It also means that the user’s personal workspace can be easily accessed from home or any other public place. Our customcloud hosted & on-premise VD infrastructures are developed for the best networking within individual businesses.


  • Different VDI types for better performance;
  • 100% security guarantee;
  • Scalability opportunities;
  • Subscription-based costs.

Hybrid CloudComputingTechnology

Check out our hybrid cloudsolution for businesses! Our engineering team has done an outstanding job to deliver a convenient hybrid networking environment. This platform is aimed to combine data and functions of both private and publicclouds. Merged into a single infrastructure, it allows all users to enjoy a flexible and seamless experience from home or office. At intersection points of public and private clouds, it is easy to put on or pool off necessary data without facing any compliance problems.


  • Flexible solution. Easy to scale up and down;
  • Connector plugins for sharing parts of private data eliminating data leakage risks;
  • Data on the publiccloud is fully controlled and monitored;
  • Extensions of data centers. Use less expensive publicclouds for seasonal needs.

Together to the Cloud!

Committed to our customers’ successful cloudcomputing experience, Sirin Software provides custom data processing and storage capabilities for individual businesses. Pay not only for cloud data space but for a user-friendly infrastructure that helps maintain a secure and effective environment. Smart but easy-to-use, services of the company are successfully provided across all industries, all over the globe. Every day we work hard to optimize your businesses on the cloud. Why? Because data security and customer satisfaction have no limits!

case studies

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