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Why should I hire your company?

We offer high-quality engineering in Embedded, Linux and IoT related services. We keep our focus on these services in order to attract the best talent and expertise in the business. Our main goal is to act not as much as the contractor but rather as the trusted partner which makes software R&D process easier,
more cost-effective and speeds up the development of new products together with clients.

Why shouldn’t I hire an in-house team instead of working with you?

There are two main reasons:
1) Reducing costs. You’ll be assured of saving an average of 40-50% of your operating costs. You don’t need to invest extra money on taxes,equipment, facilities, and office expenses.
2) No extra effort. We will attract the best developers and our employee retention rate is very high for a highly competitive field.

What company sizes do you work with?

We work with different-sized companies - from small startups to huge enterprises. Our focus is whether the goal is achievable at a high level.

Are your engineers experienced enough?

Definitely. Our team consists mostly of middle and senior developers with over 8 years of experience. All candidates pass technical interviews and are technically tested before hiring. Moreover, beyond technical expertise, we also value soft skills and an adequate level of English.

How long are the terms of your typical contracts?

It depends on the customer's needs, abilities, and plans. Projects we work with are not short-term and we aren't chasing fast growth to the detriment of quality. At this point, 75% of our projects are long-term projects (lasting more than a year) and 80% of them involve repeat clients.

Do you provide references from previous clients?

Yes. Please contact our sales reps.

How big is your team?

We have around 50 engineers

Development Process

Do you have a pilot period for new customers?

We encourage clients to start with smaller assessments - ones that can be completed within 1-3 month - before establishing longer-term relationships. This helps allow for the establishment of trustful relationships. If the client prefers the Team Augmentation model - we can offer a free replacement candidate in the event that he or she does not satisfy the client during the first 1-3 months.

Can you come on-site?

Yes, if it's required. Our engineers can visit the client, the PCB manufacturer, the place where the project implementation occurs, etc. In these cases, travel expenses are covered by the client.

Do you hire subcontractors?

We don’t use subcontractors for our software development/testing work. However, we have subcontractors for other services
that the client may require, such as industrial design, certain types of hardware development, or L1/L2 technical support.

Do you provide support services for the projects you've delivered?

Yes, once a project is completed we can sign an additional support agreement if required. In this case, the client pays us a flat monthly rate (at the level of a few hundred USD per month) and we guarantee that our engineers are available for immediate help with regard to software maintenance issues, the fixing of a suddenly-encountered bug, etc.  

Can I engage one engineer for 20 hrs per week?

The minimum team size that we allocate a new project is one full-time engineer and one part-time project manager (at least 10hrs/week).

Will I have a dedicated project manager for my project?

We assign a dedicated project manager for each team. Depending on the project's complexity, the PM can be involved part-time (for smaller project) or full-time (for larger ones).


How will I interact with the team?

Our team is in regular contact with our clients via scrum meetings, jira workflows, slack chats, and regular reports.

What about the English level of your staff?

All our engineers and project managers are proficient in English.

How can working hours be tracked/assigned to accounts?

We typically employ full-time, so that the engineer is fully-dedicated to a particular project. We are in the same office building and we work according to regular office working hours, with some flexibility. Our project managers internally maintain the procedure of tracking all sick days, vacations, national holidays, etc. So you should approximately expect up to 160 working hours per month from the engineer that works for your company.

What are your standard hours of operation?

We work 11 a.m. - 8 p.m. UTC+2. This allows us to overlap working hours with customers anywhere in the world. We can rearrange some shift hours upon agreement with clients.


How much time do you need to find developers for my team?

Typically, we have a team of engineers who can start working with your project right after signing a contract. But if your project requires additional developers or engineers with specific expertise it may take from two-to-six weeks to find the best candidate to join your project.

Will I be able to interview the developers?

Yes. But we encourage our customers to fully-assign interviewing process to the Sirin team once you are sure that we completely understand your needs and have established a trusting relationship. This allows us to shorten the recruitment processing pipeline, giving you the best chance to attract the best talent.

Financial Aspects

Do you provide business insurance?

We maintain professional liability insurance with $1M coverage.

What modes of payment are available?

We accept wire transfer, ACH, paper checks or PayPal.

Which currencies do you allow?

We accept payments in USD to our corporate account in Florida, U.S.
But we can discuss payment in EUR as well.

What are your payment terms?

We have a net 10-day payment terms. If the client's policy requires other payment terms - we can discuss it. We bill monthly for the number of hours each engineer spends on a project. Typically, we employ full-time. But the client only pays only for actual hours worked. Sick-days, vacations, etc are covered by Sirin Software.

How do you issue invoices?

Invoice for services rendered during the first month of work will be issued immediately after signing the agreement. The following invoices will be issued on the first day of each month for services rendered and expenses incurred during the previous month.

Legal Issues

What contracts and agreements do you sign?

We sign a NDA before initial project discussions. Once we've discussed the scope of the project, we can sign a T&M or fixed-price consulting agreement and start the project.

How do you assure confidentiality?

Sirin Software US signs a NDA with our clients (U.S. legislation) and Sirin Software UA signs an NDA and agreement with every employee.

Who owns the IP created?

All IPs belong to the client.

How can we resolve disputes?

Our main office is located in Florida and all disputes are settled according to U.S. law.

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Financial Aspects
Legal Issues


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