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At Sirin Software, we are a team of professionals, leveraging our collective experience and comprehensive understanding of both hardware and software to provide high-class products and services to our global clientele. Our core business spans across Embedded Systems, IoT Solutions, and Web & Mobile App Development.

Our commitment to quality and performance, coupled with our ability to handle projects of varying complexities, has fostered an environment of trust and reliability with our clients.
Our headquarters is located in Kyiv, one of the largest technology hubs in Eastern Europe. Our team consists of 50 engineers, architects, designers, project managers, business analysts, and data analysts who work with clients from Europe and North America.

We're ready to help with all kinds of software needs, whether it's starting a new project, building a complex product, or improving existing software, we also work with hardware design and stay up-to-date with the latest technology trends.


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Our mission at Sirin Software is to deliver high-class products and services that enable our clients to overcome their unique challenges, outrun their competition, and achieve their strategic goals. We are committed to leveraging our long-term experience, our team of passionate professionals, and our efficient project management strategies to provide bespoke software solutions that align with our clients' specific requirements and objectives. Recognizing that every project is different, we are dedicated to providing a custom approach that ensures optimal outcomes for each client.


At Sirin Software, our vision is to be the global leader in custom software development, acting as the trusted assistant for businesses, startups, and projects of any scale and complexity. We aspire to drive innovation in the technology sector and establish ourselves as the go-to resource for businesses seeking efficiency, quality, and competitive pricing. As a company with a deep-rooted commitment to exploring both established and emerging technologies, we envision expanding our services into more cutting-edge niches and becoming a pacesetter in the industry.

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  • The first project in the field of antenna control software design.
  • Back-End and server-side development Node.js, Python, C++ appeared.
  • Collaboration started in the field of networking firmware development.

First Partnership

  • First trainee programm. New big and bright office in the Kyiv city center.
  • Became an authorized Design Partner of Cypress Semiconductor.
  • Contract with a young startup in the field of IoT. Later it will be known as the collaboration of Cirrent and Sirin Software team.

First Auxiliary Systems Project

  • Engagement of marketing and sales specialists to discover new branches and industries.
  • Launched a full-cycle product development approach. First project in the field of auxiliary systems.
  • Launched PCB design and fabrication control services.

New Networking Projects

  • Increased number of networking projects.
  • Extended our team with HW engineers and started offering hardware design services – PCB design, prototyping.

We became an official Cypress Design Partner

  • New bonus system for education. Compensation of professional events and courses. Launched internal knowledge sharing workshop program.
  • Bare metal development of a vehicle control systems.
  • Opening of the second office space. First Certified product according ISO standard.
  • Direct subcontractor of Cypress Semiconductor.

Becoming Finalists of IT Europe

  • Started our in-house sales department.
  • Dealt up a partnership with a worldwide known enterprise from the U.S.

IoT Solution Provider Finalists of IT Europe

  • Finalists of the IT Europe contest.
  • Two more fabricated certified products.
  • Starting cooperation with companies from Fortune 500 list

Opened a new direction Cyber Security

  • We became bigger and opened a new direction.
  • Ranked as a Top IoT development team by Clutch.

Became a Microsoft Partner

Despite the ongoing war, we not only became an official partner of Microsoft, as well as continue working on new projects but also support our colleagues who are defending our country.



New AI Projects

Leadership Team


Alex Nikitenko

CEO, Founder


Vitalii Samoilenko

Head of Biz Dev


Viacheslav Solodovnik

Project Manager


Andriy Marynochkin

Project Manager


Val Khomchenko



Leila Tubilska

HR Generalist


Daria Bimenova

Head of Marketing


Nikita Provatorov

Head of Engagement