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Connected Device Development

Connected device development is getting more and more common every year and has long become mainstream. In 2021 there were 13.8 billion devices connected to the internet, by 2025 this number will likely have reached 30.9 billion, and these are only some of the predictions. We can only assume what the real picture will be like! 

Who Needs Custom Connected Devices Development?

Many devices that are connected to the internet are also in some way connected to each other. Users do not only need them to access entertainment content and share personal information with each other; they also buy and sell products and services and connect different devices to the internet such as household appliances, cars, heating sensors, security sensors, production equipment, and much more. All of this is known as “the Internet of Things”.

What are the expectations of a user who has any internet-connected device? It should be something simple and clear so that the user can quickly interact with any product. Unfortunately, expectations do not always meet the reality, and therefore connected device design and engineering is in extreme demand today. And things look like it will become even more demanded in the future.

Smart connected product development involves work targeted at making users’ life as comfortable as possible.

What to Consider With Custom Connected Device Development?

Connected device development engineers focus on creating products that will add value to different services offered to the users. Therefore, smart connected product development requires fulfilling several basic conditions.


Connected device design and engineering involve selecting standards that would meet the goal of the project. It’s all about how the device will be interacting with other devices within a shared environment. For example, device engineering for a smart house should be orientated towards the user’s location. For US residents, it is better to use the Z-Wave protocol, and for Europeans the Zigbee protocol. These protocols have different transmission speeds. That is why, when choosing connected device design and engineering, you need to focus not only on the existing technical capabilities but also on the future.


When choosing custom connected devices development, you should pay attention to what concerns consumers have about the security of their personal information. The point is that security software (or the lack of it) is often the weakest link of IoT platforms. That’s why, before you launch software-enabled devices, developers should work on implementing effective security measurements into the device.

Energy Consumption

Connected device design and engineering must be able to work offline for a long time. To make this possible, power supplies that have a sufficiently long service life should be chosen. This is not a big problem, because the market offers a wide range of high-quality batteries for you to choose from when dealing with connected device development

User Experience Custom Connected Devices Development

Connected device development involves creating a product that can exchange data with the rest of the connected devices without any user intervention. Custom connected devices development is focused on the work of device elements and embedded mobile and cloud applications that can run with minimal human intervention. That is why the user interface should be convenient enough so that it could receive commands. 

Connected device development stages

  • Choice of connection – this is a technical aspect that needs to be within the customer’s budget.
  • Choice of architecture – smart connected product development has such an infrastructure ready for long-term use.
  • Security – device engineering needs to provide the best protection against hacking attacks.
  • Testing – performance checks at all user levels.
  • Launch software-enabled devices at the last stage.

Device Engineering by Sirin Software

Our team works from Ukraine and has many years of experience in device engineering for small and large business projects. Launching software-enabled devices with us is both profitable and very convenient:

  • we offer outsourced work at low prices;
  • all of our employees speak fluent English;
  • Sirin Software‘s professional liability is insured for $1,000,000.

For connected device development, contact us in any convenient way – by phone or email.

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