Mar 01.2019

Sirin Software Is a Finalist of the European IT & Software Excellence Awards

We strive for excellence in any project, and it is a great pleasure (and a great honor, of course) when our results find their recognition even beyond our clients’ feedback. The latest in our achievements is our solution getting recognized by the European IT & Software Excellence Awards one of our solutions became a finalist in the Big Data, IoT or Analytics Solution of the Year category.

The solution worthy its nomination is an in-building radio communications system combined with cloud service integration for a US-based client. Its purpose is to save lives by providing firefighters with the ability to communicate with one another without any interruptions. The solution itself consists of the Dedicated Radio Console, Radio Amplification Unit, Antennas and Cables, and the cloud system itself. It was adopted by a number of NYC building and got certified by UL and FCC.

The competition at this year’s European IT & Software Excellence Awards was as cutthroat as never before –more than 450 projects competing in various categories. This is no surprise – this is the leading awards among solution providers, ISVs, vendors, and anyone else engaged in the IT industry across European countries. This year, it is the 11th annual turn for the prizes to be awarded, and the winner will be determined on March 14, 2019. Let’s keep our fingers crossed!

We’ve come a long way since our foundation in 2014, all thanks to our never giving up, passion for challenges and, of course, our clients. Becoming a finalist of such a prestigious award is one more proof for us that we are on the right track, and it motivates us to become better versions of ourselves every day. We would like to thank all of our clients for putting their trust in us.

We are sure it’s not the last nomination under our belt. So, stay tuned to find out more about our successes!

Also, our team has been featured as Top 25 Software Development Company  and Top Real Estate Software Developers on

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