Business area (industry):

Internet provider



  • Platform: Intel Xeon E3-1285 V3
  • C, C++, Bash, PHP, Linux
  • Video Codecs: MPEG2, H.264, H.265, VP6,VP7, VP8, VP9
  • Audio Codecs: MPEG audio, AC3, AAC
  • Transcoding Up to 10 FullHD channel per transcoder
client background

Our client is an international Internet Service Provider which offers Internet access in 3 countries

business challenge

The customer required an IPTV platform that was stable, scalable and simple to use.  Deployment will be in a mountainous region with disparate population and challenging terrain.  We developed an all-in-one device that was not only easy-to-use, it was plug and play lowering their existing staffing requirements.

portfolio solution

Sirin Software created a cost-effective IPTV platform with several services including Live TV and Live Media (regional and international) video on demand.  We developed a plug and play TV appliance which allowed technicians or end users to easily connect to IPTV.  Installing the device was simple, did not require any specialized knowledge and could be installed simply by attaching the device to the users home network.  Sirin developed a software update delivery system so the client can broadcast updates to end user devices from a centralized location.

IPTV solution portfolio_solution_img
portfolio solution


Sirin Software’s IPTV solution is 54 times cheaper than similar products on the market.


Video is streamed 75 times faster than related products.


VoD (video on demand) is recorded for 60 days which is 30 times longer than usual.


We’ve found a way to filter out the struggle that occurs between two nearby access points using hysteresis.


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