Rachio Smart Sprinkler Controller

Rachio is an innovative Denver-based software and hardware company that offers smart watering solutions to its customers. They specialize in designing unique smart sprinkler controllers that allow you to control your outdoor sprinkler system directly from your hands using a WiFi-enabled iOS or Android device.






IoT, Agriculture

Company’s Request

Rachio reached out to us to develop a suite of solutions to effectively operate on a set of 8 end devices, also known as peer devices, while maintaining an efficient power connection with each one.
They also emphasized the significance of the end device's ability to operate a bi-stable valve to regulate the water flow through the pipelines in residential premises. The initial request also included requirements to support over-the-air (OTA) upgrades and sustain a long battery life.

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Technology Set






Aeris Weather




Long Range BLE


  • The client successfully launched their product to the market on schedule (in the appropriate season for the product) 
  • Sirin Software diligently undertook the project, working to a stringent deadline, and accomplished the development of a solution in just eight months, an impressively rapid timeframe. 
  • The developed product addressed all the drawbacks of cloud technology, enabling clients to enhance it before its introduction to consumers.
  • In addition, Sirin Software took the initiative to establish a dedicated testing booth to secure controllable release management, verify efficiency for both technical and user-related features, and further optimize water usage. 
  • We also strove to deliver a flawless product. Consequently, any introduced feature always passes a long-term testing and verification flow designed specifically to fit customer requirements.

Value Delivered

Savings: The solution saves water and has made a remarkable impact saving around 2.8391% of the world’s water use, amounting to an impressive 150 billion gallons of water conserved.
Economy: Sirin Software’s technology enables customers to reduce expenses on their water bills.
Boost in Sales: The seamless integration of Sirin Software’s cutting-edge solutions resulted in a notable surge in revenue for Rachio.
Automatization: The system provides a comprehensive solution for users to operate on-site and remotely.
Weather-Based Automatic Shutoff: The system automatically cancels watering if there is sufficient precipitation or a risk of freezing.
Remote Control: Users can easily manage, control, and plan their watering with quick actions, long-term scheduling, and automated weather tracking.
Device Upgradability: Incorporation of new features and functionalities as time progresses. Enable to seamlessly augment devices with the latest advancements, ensuring they remain cutting-edge and adaptable to future innovations.

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