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Software & Hi-Tech



  • Platform: BEAGLEBONE Black MICROPROCESSOR (revision C loaded with Debian Linux Wheezy 7), v3.8.13-bone63 kernel.
  • Programming languages: C/C++
  • Qt GUI application for Linux x86_64 and i686
  • Daemon for BBB, device configuration file
  • install bash script for easy setup
  • complied .dtbo for rs485 support in BBB
client background

Kennedy Data Systems is a Texas-based information technology corporation which provides user-friendly windows-based solutions that store data in a relational database which can be implemented in a standalone or client/server environment.

business challenge

The Remote Electrical Tilt Unit (RET) allows for the accurate control of antenna tilt, which eliminates the site-access requirement, allowing the tilt to be adjusted remotely from the base station/network control center in a matter of minutes. This allows for timely and accurate response to changing capacity requirements of the network.

portfolio solution

The solution is comprised of a motor-driven antenna with communication to the BTS via RS-485 and a microprocessor that controls the communication and performs supervisory functions. Most of the RET systems use the AISG protocol (Antenna Interface Standard Group) which is an open specification for the control interface of these systems.

Our software solution facilitated the communication between a host computer and the motor-driven antenna through the RS-485 protocol and BeagleBone Black microprocessor performing control and supervisory functions.

Software packages developed by us included:

1)   Applications for desktop Linux

2)   Applications for embedded Linux

Our solution also provided a GUI host application software to support the test implementation.

Tilding antenna protocol implementation

portfolio solution

Engineering designs by Sirin Software enabled robust and flexible control and monitoring architecture that can be used across a wide range of industrial applications, such as:

  • Facility monitoring
  • Environment monitoring
  • Industrial process control.


Elementary procedures defined for a single antenna or multiple antennas:

  • Low Cost
  • Qt GUl application for remote tilting control
  • Multithreaded daemon on BBB
  • Queued processing of packets between OSI layers
  • Debug mode with hex view of all packet traffic
  • Fine tuning of HDLC protocol parameters with the configuration file


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