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Bluetooth Smart Service

Bluetooth Smart Service

Bluetooth Smart is an enhanced Bluetooth 4.0 standard with lower power consumption and optimized costs. Illustrative examples of BLE Solutions (Bluetooth Low Energy) are fitness applications, smart medical and industrial devices.

Discover the world of macro opportunities for innovative business with forward-looking Bluetooth low energy solutions by Sirin Software. We offer unique readymade BLE Solutions providing managed platform integration services from various vendors. Add Bluetooth Smart functionality to your own products and systems, or build brand new BLE apps that meet today’s most demanding requirements!

Up-to-Date BLE Solutions

We are focused on our clients, which is why we offer one-stop solutions and advanced services for both startups and industry giants across a wide variety of niches.

BLE Consulting

We know everything about this technology and will be happy to help you determine the strategy for the implementation and use of hardware and software solutions from the very beginning to the launch of the finished project. Get smart recommendations for connecting BLE apps to any compatible hardware and software!

BLE app development services

Our BLE experts will enhance the efficiency of your core operations via advanced technologies. We will define a complete roadmap for digital transformation of your business.

Enterprise services

Take advantage of the full range of Bluetooth low-energy solutions for business, including end-to-end automation, data collection, and processing for analytics, RSS, alerts for transmission power, risks of communication loss, and user data. Mobile BLE apps development focuses on the integration of heterogeneous devices and the professional ability to extract useful data from them. Our services are applicable to all industries.
We implement internal global real-time tracking systems, provide a combined technical service, intelligent algorithms and sensors that allow you to get 100% accurate results in any environment.
Connect your devices and systems, collect valuable data, and improve the efficiency of bottleneck detection in your business. Formulate the task and we will provide fully working BLE solutions!

IoT solutions

We understand that you want the most advanced technology available. For our clients, we create efficient IoT solutions with unique BLE applications that no one can duplicate or replicate.
We will help you take full advantage of new technologies. Request a free BLE consulting to discuss your idea.

Why Choose Us?

Extensive experience

Our team puts the expertise honed throughout the years of operation to help you achieve the best experience with BLE apps and compatible hardware.

Our portfolio of solutions includes network and application processors as well as low-profile modular solutions. We use only patented technologies and certified products. We also pay great attention to detail, smooth integration, and UI/UX design.
An optimized radio interface and efficient power management architecture will extend the life of your batteries up to several years. Non-volatile memory on a chip allows for easy and fast field upgrades via OTA. RF, ETSI, IC, and FCC compliant modules ensure fast integration, ease of use, and quick time-to-market.

Brands trust us

Sirin Software offers BLE app development services targeting clients from a wide variety of industries. We have an extensive portfolio of successful joint projects with renowned companies. You will be able to achieve superiority over the competition through adaptable and secure Bluetooth low-energy solutions.

Qualified specialists

Our BLE experts will solve any issue on your agenda through:

  • Individual approach to development
  • Quality assurance
  • Timely delivery
  • 24/7 support.

On top of that, we guarantee affordable BLE consulting and Bluetooth Smart implementation.
If you are interested, we would like to hear your ideas for another major project. Contact us to take advantage of our BLE app development services.

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