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Connected Product Development

As the demand for complex and more advanced products exponentially increases, connected product development, quite understandably, became popular among software development companies. At first glance, such products may appear like their old versions, but in truth, they offer so much more intrinsic value and business opportunities.

Having recognized the need for such solutions and their potential benefits, our team at Sirin Software has since included the professional services of designing and connecting products able to adapt to its users and environmental changes. Keep reading to discover how the development of these devices can help you elevate your business to a much higher level.

Development of Connected Devices

Connected devices, also described as Internet-of-Things, are technological products and physical solutions, enhanced with sensors and other software to allow them to communicate with each other without human help. Legend has it, the first instance of this technology happened 40 years ago with John Romkey and Simon Hackett’s so-called “smart toaster” that could connect to the Internet.

Since then, the connected devices industry grew by more than twenty billion IoT products with an outstanding variety that has moved far away from the simplicity of a toaster. Pretty much anything can become “smart and connected” these days – any home gadget or appliance, manufacturing tools, healthcare devices, vehicles, wearables, etc.

As with pretty much everything in technology, the demand and trends dictate what innovations will connected products feature next. The most prominent technologies remain – 5G networks and chips, extended reality, cloud solutions, advanced data and language processing, and AI-powered assistants.

Our team has completed quite a few successful IoT-related projects – for example, in this case, we have increased the scalability of our client’s cloud-based system to improve the IoT device’s connectivity. This project had us come up with a solution to significantly improve the next generation of smartwatches. Click here as well to check out the full range of our cases.


The first and foremost challenge the development of connected devices faces is the need to keep up with the times. With how rapidly the technology changes and evolves, there is an almost palpable urgency to provide regular upgrades to each and every smart device to meet the market’s demands.

Another challenge lies in satisfying the modern tech-savvy customer prone to hyperconnectivity and much higher standards than even five years ago. People now expect devices to be extremely customized and fairly easy to use. In this case, user experience consists mainly of hardware design and coherent UI.

There’s also a serious pressure of designing and connecting products that are both compact and relatively resistant to harsh use, as well as secure. Customer privacy remains a priority, especially with each generation of smart devices becoming further connected and feature-rich with multiple vulnerable points regarding personal information

Key Features and Characteristics

There are a few basic IoT features and characteristics that can make or break the whole meaning and performance of connected devices.


This is arguably the most important feature as it mainly represents the idea behind connected and smart products – having them work without the user’s command and interference. Independent functioning plays a crucial role in multitasking and data processing.


Our connected devices development services place a high priority on usability as a way of ensuring our solutions can be used efficiently and comfortably. All our features are carefully analyzed and studied for interdependence, plus scanned for any program inconsistencies.


This vital characteristic ensures that the device is able to join a network of any kind and size, which is a staple if a product is to be called connected. Such connection is used predominantly for two reasons – either to gain Internet access or to communicate with other devices.


With our IoT Development  services at Sirin Software, you are also provided with predictive maintenance to minimize or avoid any malfunctions and glitches altogether. You can remotely adjust any performance factors and productivity criteria from any standpoint.

Control and Analytics

Our team offers system-level design and development of connected devices that can be controlled and monitored 24/7 through mobile and web applications. You can receive up-to-date information about any changes, as well as statistical feedback and other useful analytics.

Benefits of Connected Products

Below are listed the most prominent benefits of using connected and smart products, based on our research and experience in connected devices development services.

  • The ability to observe and note everything your product goes through – from the development stage to when it’s already in your client’s hands. This grants an undeniable advantage to quickly modify and advance both your connected products and your business strategy.
  • Real-time manual or automatic product updates that don’t interfere with the device’s performance, as well as scheduled and more reasonable maintenance and affordable repair, since you can prevent its premature deterioration.
  • An increased customer data collection that helps companies model their marketing and UX strategies through deeper insights and better business-client interactions.
  • More significant supply chain visibility that helps track every bit of important data from production to utilization.

Now that you know more about our system-level design and development of connected devices, you can try to implement IoT solutions in your business or everyday life. Don’t hesitate to drop us a call or send an inquiry about the desired project of any complexity and creativity level. With our connected product development, anything is possible.

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