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The COVID-19 quarantine has become the transformative stage for the global education system. We believe that even after the end of the pandemic, education will never be 100% offline again, and some subjects will be fully or partially transferred to the web. Therefore, it is very important to keep up with the times and provide interactive and progressive e-learning solutions to educational institutions.

For example, according to statistics, the global education software market will reach $ 10.4 billion score by the end of 2021, and by 2024 it will rise to $ 11.3 billion.

This means that now is the right time to launch your personal e-learning application.

At Sirin Software, we focus on education software development services and strive to facilitate the learning process.

Types of Educational Solutions

Before you start to look for Education Software Development Services, you have to decide what type of product you want to implement. There are several main types of educational apps:

  • courses;
  • directories;
  • virtual workbooks;
  • testing apps;
  • educational games.

We at Sirin Software – the best team that offers Education Software Development Services – can combine several types of product to create your unique e-learning solution.

Educational App Development Lifecycle

Sirin Software is one of the top education software development companies. We have a big and high-qualified team of professionals who will conduct your project through the full development lifecycle. Let’s talk about the main stages of educational solutions development in detail.

  1. Marketing research
    According to Statista research, there are over 3 million apps on the Google Play app store. This means that it’s quite difficult to become competitive, even in the upcoming e-learning niche.Thus, to get started, you need to conduct global market research of existing solutions in education to find out what features your competitors use and try to make an even better product.It is also worth finding the most advanced Education Software Development Services to implement trending technologies and use proven teaching methods.
  2. Recruiting
    When you have decided on the idea and the list of future app features, you need to find a software development team with affordable rates. If you want to achieve high-quality educational solutions for a reasonable price, contact us at Sirin Software. We have a huge experience in this development niche to provide you the guarantee of quality, reliability, and scalability for the created app.
  3. QA and Testing
    During the QA and testing phase, specialists develop different test scenarios and implement them until the app works in full accordance with the specification list. As for QA specialists, they guarantee that the app fully meets generally accepted criteria for software quality.
  4. Application launch
    A dedicated team will help you to effectively organize successful launch of the e-learning solutions and platforms on popular app stores such as Google Play (Android) and AppStore (iOS).
  5. Technical support
    After the e-learning application development and launch, our professionals will keep in touch with you 24/7 to track occurred problems and failures, as well as create updates.
Features You Can Include in Your E-learning App

We at Sirin Software have analyzed the market and identified what kinds of educational software solutions can help reach the most positive adoption by the TA. Let’s learn what features can be implemented in the e-learning application development process.

  • Educational plan
    Students who use your app need to understand the outline of their learning path. Therefore, you need a special panel that displays the plan with all subject topics.
  • Tests
    Your educational app should have a tab that contains questions and practice tasks. This tab helps students to monitor their personal progress by themselves.
  • Tracking board
    It’s one of the most obvious features for a learning app that allows students to track their learning progress through instructor-created grade sheet tabs.
  • Reward system
    A good idea for deeper immersion into the learning process is to encourage students with special virtual awards for success. Moreover, to make courses more fun for students and less stressful for adults, developers can sometimes use gamification elements.
  • Social media integration
    Most modern apps are integrated with social networks to facilitate the user authorization process. Also, with this feature, students get the opportunity to share their learning progress achievements with their friends.
  • Cloud hosting
    When educational software solutions are hosted in a cloud, students get the opportunity to access the service even in case of low Internet connection speed.
  • Offline access
    Offline access, implemented in educational solutions, gives you a competitive advantage over traditional learning websites as students are able to use some functions offline.
  • 3D AR / VR models
    Augmented and virtual reality are two top technologies that help developers to provide e-learning innovative software solutions. For example, augmented reality makes it possible to reproduce three-dimensional graphic models for end-users at a minimal cost and simplifies the learning process in such subject areas as medicine, architecture, engineering, etc.As for virtual reality, this is a more advanced technology that requires a headset but gives much better UX with the maximum degree of interactivity of created e-learning innovative software solutions. In particular, students get the opportunity to interact with three-dimensional models, rotate them around an axis, modify, customize, etc. Moreover, this technology is capable of replacing live mock-ups completely and generally reduces the cost of the learning process.
  • Multi-language support
    And finally, to maximize your TA, you probably need to develop a multilingual version of your e-learning app.
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