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The technologically-driven civilization has just come to grips with what IoT means when the IT realm unleashed one more novel phrase on us – LoRaWAN solutions. The first word in it that sounds like the name of a robot from a sci-fi movie is in fact an abbreviation that stands for Long Range Wide Area Network. Being a further sophistication of LoRa technology, LoRa Wide Area Network solutions take the latter to the next level providing a better connection between devices united into a unique LoRaWAN architecture to form a highly-reliable system of data transmission.

Learning the ABC: LoRa Technology vs LoRaWAN Technology

Long range (LoRa) protocol was launched by Semtech, the unquestionable global leader in chip production, to define the method of encoding information via manipulating radio waves by dint of leveraging a multi-symbol format known as chirped. As a result, radio frequencies from the roster of unlicensed frequency bands are converted into bits, which allows their transmission over a network.
Being benchmark know-how, LoRa technology was elaborated in medium access control (MAC) layer protocols to suit various application models. One of such models is based on LoRaWAN architecture – an organizational networking protocol that determines a specific structure of the system. It has a star-like topology where all LoRaWAN modules (that can be different gadgets or just sensors) communicate through gateways with the central server typically located in the cloud. The wireless connection between elements of LoRaWAN architecture utilizes standard IPs enabling encryption and identification as essential elements of the entire linking procedure.

The connection between end devices in the Long Range Wide Area Network can be established in two ways:

  • Activation by personalization (ABP). Here, network keys are hardcoded into the device which facilitates connection making it less secure, though.
  • Over-the-Air Activation (OTAA). A network key and an application session keys have to be configured for each device when it is linked to the network.

For a layman, resorting to such intricacies may seem like a relapse of obsolete technologies. Indeed, why turn to the trivial radio in the age of Bluetooth and Wi-Fi drivers? The experts of Sirin Software with their profound competence in the field of wireless development can assure you that it makes perfect sense because LoRa network solutions have a considerable edge even over state-of-the-art data-transmission methods.

LoRa Wide Area Network Solutions: Advantages Made Clear

LoRaWAN technology comes with a number of boons that make companies choose it over other know-how.

  • Minimal power consumption. Once installed, a single coin cell battery can keep devices in LoRaWAN modules going and going and going … for up to 10 years! How is that possible? LoRaWAN technology allows “sleeping” gizmos to send or accept signals requiring as low as 50 mA current. As a result, you save much on battery replacement expenditures and relieve your personnel for more important or urgent tasks.
  • Long range. Not for naught it is called Long Range Wide Area Network. If you deploy LoRaWAN solutions in the conditions of densely built-up urban areas they can communicate with each other at a distance of up to 3 km. And in rural zones with far sundered buildings strewn all over them, you can rely on LoRaWAN modules to reach out to their brethren across 10 miles!
  • Excellent indoor coverage. Under the condition of a poor cellular connection, the linkage between devices situated indoors is oftentimes problematic. Technical parameters of LoRa Network solutions (under 1GHz frequency of an extremely narrow frequency band) allow them to maintain a good connection between indoor placed devices including those located in multi-storied buildings.
  • Utilization of unlicensed frequency bands. This characteristic of Long Range Wide Area Network makes it a premium cost-saver since you don’t pay exorbitant license fees for renting a channel for data transmission. However, different LoRa Network solutions in the same location may turn out to operate on the same frequencies which can cause interference issues between them.
  • No-sweat deployment. Being an open-source technology, LoRaWAN enables all users who are well-versed in such endeavors to develop and install a solution of their own to function for private, public, or corporate purposes. In case it is beyond your expertise, address one of the numerous vendors in the niche choosing the company that has more than once accomplished such projects.
  • Roaming possibilities. If necessary, LoRaWAN modules can switch over from one network to another.
  • Utmost security. Making use of AES-128 encryption, mutual authentication, rotating keys, and integrity protection, LoRa Wide Area Network Solutions are highly secure against penetration attempts.
  • Real-time transmission of great data volumes. The servers LoRaWAN solutions rely on allow handling millions of messages in real-time where senders can control message formats.
  • GPS-free geolocation. If no less than three gateways detect the transmitted signal, the LoRaWAN end device can be located without leveraging GPS.
  • Wireless firmware updates. In case your firmware allows updating Long Range Wide Area Network guarantees this opportunity.
  • Low cost. Since it requires no license fee payments and relies on affordable end nodes powered by open-source software, employing LoRaWAN is exceedingly advantageous finance-wise.
  • High scalability. You can build a whole LoRaWAn ecosystem by adding gateways and modules when you need to expand your network.

Given the plethora of perks LoRaWAN technology promises, it is no wonder that it finds application in a wide range of use cases.

LoRaWAN Application Areas

Being most useful in the domains where the Internet of Things know-how is applied, LoRaWAN technology reigns supreme in the following realms.

  • Agriculture. Smart farming is all the rage in the industry nowadays. Thanks to the introduction of the IoT sensors and devices connected via LoRaWAN, agricultural workers can control the level of moisture in the soil or in crop storage facilities, optimize irrigation systems’ schedules, watch for insect proliferation in the fields, monitor fertilizer application, track cattle health and calf delivery, etc.
  • Healthcare. Medical applications of LoRaWAN solutions are not less numerous – from employing sensors to ensure the proper temperature of drug and vaccine preservation or transportation to providing wearables for mentally disabled patients to control their health parameters (blood pressure, pulse rate, etc.) or detect falling accidents.
  • Utilities. Gas, electricity, and water meters can be equipped with LoRaWAN modules that would read and transmit consumption indices thus streamlining the billing procedure immensely and paving the way for the advent of smart homes.
  • Parking. Finding a vacant parking space is often a challenge for busy inner-city traffic participants. Drivers can benefit greatly from installing LoRaWAN sensors that would monitor the parking lot for free spaces and tell them if one is found in the special app.
  • Urban infrastructure. The concept of a smart city is getting traction nowadays where LoRaWAN solutions become part and parcel. They can be applied for tracking rented bikes, identifying leaks in water supply networks, sending alerts to maintenance teams if a waste bin is full, monitor vehicles, passengers, and luggage in airports, and doing dozens of other errands modern cities need.
  • Retail. The industry is a vast market for leveraging LoRaWAN solutions such as smart shelves in shops and warehouses informing the personnel when a product is running low, sensors and RFID tags to enhance inventory management, control mechanisms to ensure foodstuffs’ adequate maintenance conditions, tracking customer behavior in retail outlets, etc.
  • Workstation efficiency. If the management of an organization wants to optimize expenditures and improve working conditions of their employees, LoRaWAN-fueled devices can monitor room occupancy, the temperature in the office or shop floor, or energy consumption by the personnel.

This list of use cases is by no means complete since LoRaWAN technology can be used for other purposes, sometimes even quite offbeat, such as tracking the movement of animals belonging to endangered species.

Get Connected with Sirin Software

With the Internet of Things rapidly conquering an ever-widening number of domains, both average users and companies having big-time aspirations should go all lengths to guarantee the stability and speed of data transmission between devices as the elements of the smart network. Reliable and cost-efficient LoRaWAN solutions by Sirin Software can take your connectivity endeavors to a new level catering to all possible needs of end-users.

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