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Successful Implementation of Supply Chain Solutions

Supply chain solutions would be a smart investment for your business in several cases:
  • Managing your inventory becomes challenging;
  • Your business dictates a growing need for continual tracking the flow of your goods and supply chain information;
  • You want to minimize costs on the procurement process;
  • You are seeking the best quality stock at the minimum price possible.

Supply chain management (SCM) software serves to streamline your supply chain and logistics. These solutions include real-time analytical systems that handle the flow of product and data across your supply chain network. They are aimed to enhance multiple SCM operations, such as:

  • Demand planning;
  • Supply network planning;
  • Production planning;
  • Detailed scheduling;
  • Supplier management;
  • Logistics;
  • Supply chain analytics.
Benefits of Integrating Digital Supply Chain Solutions

The supply chain management market was assessed at $18,699.45 million in 2020, and is expected to reach $52,632.37 million by 2030, with a CAGR of 10.7%. The burgeoning digital technology, the focus on cloud-based supply chain management software, and the increasing need for enhanced supply chain visibility mainly contribute to the significant growth of this market sector.
So, which specific perks do the SCM solutions bring to the table?

Greater output and coordination

SCM solutions turn collaboration, communication, and coordination into a breeze. This software efficiently links you to your shipping companies, transporters, vendors, and consumers, enabling you to enhance your collaboration with all stakeholders.

Enhanced tracking

With supply chain solutions, you can easily track the flow of your goods as well as follow your suppliers’ activities. Furthermore, when integrated into your transportation system, this software allows you to see your shipment statuses and share the information with all players. The resulting improved collaborations will make the entire supply chain work seamlessly granting you continual, real-time information about the order statuses, reports, and forecasts.

Minimized time delay in the supply chain processes

Belated shipments, mistakes in logistics, and production hold-ups can ruin the working relationships and lead to business losses. However, a well-developed digital supply chain network can eliminate those risks. SCM solutions are called to streamline the processes and minimize delays by quickening the information exchange and inventory flows.

Supply chain management solutions cut business costs

To fulfill the increasing number of tasks for effective supply chain management, you may need to correspondingly increase your staff. Conversely, you can implement the SCM software, which helps you easily and comfortably monitor the whole supply chain operation. Thus, your business will incur lesser expenses on the personnel.

Improved cooperation with suppliers, distributors, and transporters

What helps to make a conducive business environment? Among other things, positive relationships with your partners. Properly built supply chain management solutions connect you to all your stakeholders including vendors, distributors, suppliers, and transporters. With seamlessly running operations, you’ll always enjoy fruitful and pleasant business relations.
Ultimately, there is a huge potential in the supply chain solutions, which is yet underutilized. In order to maximize your gains and streamline your business operations, you can cooperate with a supply chain software development partner. Experienced supply chain engineers can employ the most advanced tools and create tailored solutions that would maximize benefits for your specific business.

How to Succeed with Supply Chain Software Development?

The biggest question for a business owner with regard to SCM solutions implementation is probably how to enhance workflows and maximize the chances of ROI.
Almost 80% of companies that actively embrace supply chain management infrastructure and capabilities achieved revenue growth that is significantly higher than the industry average.

To achieve optimal results with the adoption of new technology, experts offer several efficient tactics.

  • Perform an internal IT audit.

In order to embark on your SCM software integration journey smoothly, you should analyze every aspect of your business workflow including the planning of sales, operations, inventory, logistics, and production. Consider how the teams at every stage gather, store, analyze, and act upon digital data. There are several things to focus on in this process:

  • Determine the sources of data that you will link to your digital supply chain network during the implementation. Choose the ones that are most often updated by you or other stakeholders, or have the best data structures, depending on the specific goals of your software deployment.
  • Identify the instances of planning or data silos or shadow IT, if any, that need to be rooted out. Thus, you will understand which integrations you need, and which trainings are required for stakeholders planning to use the new IT.
  • Check whether the current systems require refactors or updates to integrate properly with the new digital supply chain solutions. For instance, a legacy code in any of your systems will need an update before the system will be able to send data to the new solution.

This checklist will help you get a handle on your current infrastructure and properly prepare for implementing your supply chain solutions.

  • Select cloud vs on-premise.As a business owner, you perfectly understand the essential goal of implementing supply chain management solutions. However, this may not be the case with your colleagues and employees. Make sure that all users have a clear vision of how the technology will make their life easier. Changing workflows often causes headaches for users in the short run; so, provide the proper motivation and training for all employees involved.
  • Develop an integration roadmap.To succeed with the SCM adoption process, you should carefully plan your ongoing efforts from the ground up. Consider that your SCM solution needs to integrate smoothly with the systems applied by your partners and clients, and also at other touchpoints on the supply chain such as smart ports and logistics providers. Create a clear action plan and a time frame for your project.
    That’s being said, you should also pay significant attention to choosing the right supply chain software development partner. Your vendor should be able to make a substantial difference in your company’s ability to continue its confident growth amid a complex and volatile global supply chain.
Sirin Software can Become Your Valuable Supply Chain Software Development Partner

We are continually keeping pace with the most advanced technologies and domain trends. Industrial automation solutions, including supply chain management software, are one of the powerful business tendencies today, and we are proud to offer strong expertise and practical experience in supply chain software development. For instance, Internet of Things Supply Chain technology can streamline your supply chain by providing incredible benefits from entire automation to precise forecasting.
Apart from this, Sirin Software is one of the top companies delivering industrial automation solutions and consumer electronics solutions.
We apply a tailored approach in each specific case, with dedicated teams of supply chain engineers that effectively handle projects of any complexity.

Case Study: Mobile App Development for Immediate Labels Modification

One of our successful cases directly deals with supply chain solutions.

Project background

Our client is a big sporting goods retailer with a wide store network. This company is an official Nike distributor in several countries.


The client was searching for a convenient solution for changing product stickers right away without the interference of the additional company’s subdivisions.


Sirin Software developed a handy electronic system capable of printing product stickers so that any changes to the existing product stickers could be made immediately.
The system comprises a mobile printer and mobile application. By employing the solution, a user can scan the existing labels and make automatic changes to all the corresponding pieces of information, including the barcode, price, font, and more.


Employees are enabled to change labels instantly once the need emerges. Thus, they save a great deal of time and effort on changing products’ descriptions.

Contact Information

Revealed the need for a supply chain management solution for your company? Not sure yet whether you should invest in a digital supply chain network? Do not lose your potential revenue and let professional supply chain engineers deal with your case. We are always ready to address all your concerns and help achieve the established goals. Contact us right away to start your journey towards successful supply chain solutions!

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