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User Interface Development

User Interface Development. How to make your product more sellable

The development of web sites, web applications, mobile applications and software is inextricably linked with user interface development. User-friendliness, functionality and intuitiveness of the interface are vital to the software development cycle. There is a rather misconception that user interface development solutions are mainly aimed at the technical side of development: creating websites, writing HTML, CSS and JavaScript. However, if you are, of course, a professional developer, you need to look much deeper. After all, the main goal that must be pursued when developing a user interface is the ability of the user to interact with it as easily, conveniently and efficiently as possible, and to quickly achieve all the intended goals.

User experiences the website or software only as it is, and never does or will think about the back-end or why the application was written in a particular way. User engagement and ease when visiting a site or using an app are the key keys to a proper user experience for a developer. Only your clear idea and understanding of the whole picture will help to successfully implement the user interface development process.

Our team provides services for the development of websites, applications and software, and divides user interface services into two stages:
Research + Design and Development.

How We Implement Research and Design

In order to fully start the research and development procedure, first of all, we collect all the necessary data and form a requirements document which displays: personalization, the most likely user scenarios, as well as estimated indicators of user interaction. Our R&D team consists of business analysts, user interfaces, and quality assurance specialists.

All the documentation is then finalized and can be fully used by the UX team to start the design process. The general idea of ​​the interface is presented to the stakeholders or users of the project in the form of wireframes, which were created by the developers based on the input information.

The next step is to simulate a real application using prototyping. As a rule, the finished prototype contains one or more functions that are not actually effective. However, this is sufficient to simulate the behavior of a real application, which gives the user a complete picture of the color combinations and the minimum functionality of the future product. All of this is the responsibility of UX designers.

Why our UX Designers are the best

Because they:

  • Possess sufficient conceptualization and visual communication skills, drawing skills and album techniques
  • Have a strong working knowledge of Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, Fireworks and other similar software
  • Possess strong working knowledge of HTML, CSS, JavaScript / JQuery
  • Experienced in UI design templates and USD standard methodologies
  • Have excellent oral and written communication skills, and are especially capable of clearly articulating and presenting design solutions
  • Have an understanding of common software development practices
  • Apply purely user-centered design principles, are attentive to detail and capable of capturing complex and delicate product requirements
  • Collaborate effectively in planning, user experience, and design and technology trend research
User Interface Development System

Typically, the user interface development system acts as a connecting framework and integrates design features and technical aspects of future development.

For example, UI developers are not only capable of creating incredible things as a developer, but they also know how to work properly with any new browser or on different new devices. In other words, they have all the necessary skills associated with the production of the product and widely use them to communicate with the developers of the server side, and then provide all the information they have received to the user in order to get the feedback. The logic and functionality of the client-side of the project and the appearance of the front-end depends on how efficiently the UI developer accomplishes the task set before him

Why Our UI Developers are Successful

Because they:

  • Are responsible for the creation of web applications and use the Single Page Application (SPA) paradigms
  • Develop software solutions applying industry’s best practices for security and performance in an environment of web architecture and SOA architecture
  • Possess strong working knowledge of HTML, CSS, JavaScript / JQuery
  • Carry out a full SDLC cycle with all requirements, design solutions and developments, implementing QA and supporting the product using Scrum and other agile methodologies
  • Possess excellent skills in HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, jQuery, as well as good knowledge of other JavaScript libraries and frameworks
  • Experienced in accelerated development using the CSS processor (LESS, SCSS)
  • Have detailed and broad knowledge of user interface issues, cross-browser compatibility and hacks
  • Experienced in using social API technologies
  • Experienced in creating and using JSON based APIs
  • Offer progressive improvement to the design
  • Ensure that the design of the project meets all the standards and requirements or recommendations of the client.

There are a large number of companies on the market today capable of developing the most incredible and demanded software. However, in the race of new technologies, it is very important not to lose touch with users, because they are the ones who largely determine what your product will be like. If you need expert advice or fruitful cooperation in the topic of user interface development, do not delay your plans and contact us!

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