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UWB Solutions

Ultra Wideband, or UWB solutions are based on a short-range, wireless communication protocol that uses radio waves similar to Bluetooth or Wi-Fi. However, unlike the latter two, UWB utilizes a very high frequency. The technology is fast, secure, and extremely accurate. Why do experts say that it is going to revolutionize the world and how can it beef up your business activities? Let’s discover, step by step.

Brief Smartwatch History

By using high-frequency radio waves, ultra-wideband technology enables devices to communicate. You can think of it as a radar that continually scans the room and precisely locks onto an object to detect its positioning and communicate data. The technology was officially licensed back in 2002, while in 2019 Apple added it to the iPhone, actually starting a new era of UWB development.

UWB-enabled solutions can be used across industries, including the military sector and healthcare. However, the modern ultra-wideband chips have become small and inexpensive, which allows using them in small devices like smartphones.

What makes UWB unique? The UWB devices allow transmitting data over short distances and precisely detecting locations. Just like bats or dolphins use echolocation to sense the environment, the UWB technology measures how long a radio pulse travels between devices to determine the distance. As denoted in its name, the technology also utilizes a wider frequency, which ranges from 3.1 to 10.6 GHz. The short range is the only downside, but it is trivial when you have several devices in a room.

The high bandwidth, wide frequency spectrum, and low use of power make UWB-enabled solutions ideal for delivering big data volumes from a transmitter to other devices. These characteristics enable the UWB products to deliver a slew of new services, such as precise indoor location and positioning, accurate real-time analytics, and location-based automation.

Benefits of Integrating UWB Solutions

A game-changer among the data transfer solutions, the Ultra Wideband Technology delivers a range of advantages:

  • Low power consumption. Thus, UWB devices can extend the battery lifespan.
  • High data transmission speeds (more than 100Mbit/s).Compare with the other wireless technologies:

  • High accuracy. The technology is ten times more precise than its wireless counterparts.
  • Security against interferences. Signal-strength-based positioning technologies are usually easy to attack, while several features make UWB extremely secure.
  • Simultaneous operation with other technologies.

Therefore, there are numerous ways how the integration of ultra-wideband products can benefit a business owner and provide a seamless user experience.

Which Tasks can UWB Fulfill Today?
  • Asset tracking for diverse activities.
    The array of spheres where companies can use UWB for tracking assets is boundless. The monitoring of production equipment and inventories, tracking football players on the field, and controlling the location of items in exhibitions are just to name a few. UWB makes these processes easier and helps to enhance the safety of the enterprise and preserve all kinds of movable property.
  • Indoor navigation.
    Ultra-Wideband products can bring the quality of service to a new level. The technology enables users to get indoor navigation by creating interactive maps of the building in the mobile application. What’s more, the Ultra Wideband technology allows:
    • Building routes to the required destinations;
    • Instantly locating the necessary rooms, products, and services;
    • Sending notifications according to the location;
    • Delivering useful content in real-time.
  • Monitoring the activity of visitors and employees.
    The UWB technology modules empower a company to track both clients and employees. The real-time tracking of employees allows management to coordinate the actions of their staff and adjust the tasks. The monitoring of visitor movements plays a critical role in analyzing traffic and customer behavior, which, in turn, helps to align the marketing strategy.
  • Smart home.
    “Smart home” systems are already being implemented; however, the UWB-enabled solutions can enhance their implementation and facilitate their use. The UWB sensor continually monitors the visitors’ activities and initiates the corresponding actions, such as:
    • Switching on or off the light in the room;
    • Regulating the volume of a stereo;
    • Managing climate control;
    • Keeping the ventilation mode;
    • Activating the alarm system.
  • Digitization of production and logistics processes.
    Production enterprises can streamline their workflows thanks to the UWB solutions. The technology helps to seamlessly digitize warehouses, technological processes, and other operations, which enhances productivity and optimizes jobs.
  • Social distance tracking.
    Today, companies face the need to organize social distancing due to the pandemic Covid-19. The integration of the UWB products, in the form of wearable devices, can efficiently solve this task by notifying an owner of the approaching person.
The Future UWB Applications

According to experts, the Ultra Wideband Technology is not only going to ease our lives but also bring about the new use cases previously referred to as science fiction. What can we expect in the nearest future?

  • Smart consumer devices. While Apple and Samsung are already using the UWB sensors in their smartphones, other devices are approaching, for instance, the Apple Watch Series 6
  • Immersive audience experience. The real-time data opportunities enable immersive experiences for those who watch sports or entertainment performances.
  • Detection of the missing devices such as remote controls.

Sirin Software can Become Your Valuable Partner

When implementing breakthrough technologies, companies need a trustworthy software integration vendor that will efficiently guide them through a transformation path. Qualified experts can comprehensively handle the job and relieve a customer from needless hassle.
We are continually making our best to stay at the forefront of the most advanced technologies and industry trends. Our strong expertise in business solutions helps numerous companies in varied industries optimize their business activities and make their operations more comfortable. Being savvy in hardware and software solutions, our experts realize the elevating demand for wireless technologies. Implemented by competent engineers, these solutions will bring substantial business value. Keeping up with the modern trends, we also help to make the environment around us smart. Wearable solutions are intended to bring technology as close to you as possible.
The overall scope of our services is broad and includes Internet of Things, embedded solutions, firmware development, and more. A tremendous experience, superior professionalism, and a tailored approach to each project help us efficiently deal with any complexity tasks.

Case Study: Firmware Upgrade for an Ultra-Wide Band Connection Provider

One of our successful cases is directly connected with UWB Solutions.

Project background

Our client was aiming to create a wearable UWB solution for location- and distance-based applications. The product was intended to track social distance, thus helping companies across industries keep their personnel and clients safer under the conditions of the pandemic.


The client needed an opportunity to configure the existing device using a mobile application that would connect to the device via BLE. To achieve this goal, we had to meticulously explore the existing client’s firmware and apply significant manual work to configure, customize, and develop new software assets.


The initial goal entailed the creation of a developer mode for the device’s firmware that would receive parameters from the Android mobile application through BLE. Sirin Software made the developer mode accessible to users through a series of operations in the main firmware. These operations included rebooting the device and launching it in developer mode. The app, in turn, was recognizing the developer mode activation and could be used to make settings.


Ultimately, we provided:

  • A convenient Android app for fast and easy device configuring;
  • A developer mode for the main firmware to receive parameters;
  • An ability to enter the developer mode for making settings from the existing firmware.
Contact Information

Already determined the ways how ultra-wideband products can boost your business operations? Consult with our experts to align your goals and opportunities and remove potential concerns. We will help to maximize the value for your company while eliminating excessive costs. Contact us now and let the most advanced UWB solutions serve your ambitious goals!

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