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WiFi Solutions

WiFi solutions are extremely useful in business. This can be demonstrated by some of our cases related to real-time location tracking systems. The practice shows that the technology already enables linked hotspots that track movements in hospitals for marketing purposes.
But let’s start from the beginning. How does it work?

WiFi Driver Development

Essential WiFi solutions can target different types of operating environments:

  • Warehouses;
  • Manufacturing facilities;
  • Public venues;
  • Various field environments.

These are only some of the general conditions covered by our WiFi driver development services that enable convenient:

a) hotspot management
b) access point authentication
c) user content management

Linux wireless drivers are versatile pieces of supporting software that set things in motion.
WiFi device driver development tackles a variety of business fields. WiFi solutions can boost performance in restaurants, hotels, factories, and productions alike. The extent of the operating ground determines the price of services, both for the consumer and for WiFi driver developers, since this type of service is sensitive to scale. Based on the needed coverage, the optimal number of access points is selected along with their type (e.g., internal and external access points), and the development of the necessary features, all of which dictates the final price depends.

Linux Wireless Drivers

Based on the Linux kernel, an alternative firmware DD-WRT was developed, demonstrating extremely extensive functionality. The firmware provides important extensions such as:

  • Sputnik
  • Chillispot
  • NoCatSplash
  • WiFiDog

These extensions are needed by WiFi driver developers mainly to improve authentication methods, which will differ depending on the type of network use. They are also used to locate connected devices.
Often, an enterprise already has an access point and an Internet connection, so they may need, for example, porting an existing Linux WiFi driver. In some cases, a Linux WiFi driver is easier to port to Windows than it is to create a Windows driver from scratch. This need arises because Windows drivers may not have the functionality required for an existing USB driver.

WiFi driver developers use the API on the optimal code that will allow you to use the software as efficiently as possible. This will be followed by a testing phase in which several key indicators will be tested, including:

  • Resource consumption level;
  • Correspondence between client requirements and real functionality;
  • Solution speed and performance.

As you can see, custom options are sometimes necessary for optimal USB WiFi driver development that may take varying amounts of time and costs. As a result, you can get a single product that is a wholesome Windows service. You can also start managing the data transfer process without interacting with the end user.
USB WiFi driver development helps optimize crucial business points, for example, limiting bandwidth, banning some services that negatively affect the network speed for other users, and more.
Users can get a convenient disclaimer in order to protect the company from illegal actions committed through your network. This way, you break the network down into publicly available and internal, protecting your employees and important data.

What are Applications of WiFi Device Driver Development?

We have been developing solutions that streamline performance and boost sales by, e.g., allowing you to better understand customer behavior by studying their movements. And the available functionality goes far beyond the scope of retail application – you may also use an automatic blacklist of unauthorized devices, an algorithm for reproducing movements on the server, a cloud dashboard, etc. There are many other topical areas of WiFi solutions’ implementation as well.

Public establishments

Your regular coffee shop or restaurant must have an open and secure access point for both customer and administrative use. This has become a normal option in any public place of such kind that invites all specialists and entrepreneurs that work remotely via laptops.
With the help of additional functionality, WiFi solutions open up opportunities for advertising, promotions, or special offers on the screen of a user connected to the network. In addition, WiFi device drivers, using advanced authorization methods, help customers to use the network by sharing data on social networks, which will positively affect marketing success.
This is extremely useful in the sense that the free open hotspot service increases user loyalty to the brand, sales, and time spent in the establishment.


In production, an important issue is to maintain the security of the transmitted data. All links are connected in one way or another:  data from video cameras, mobile devices, and other production equipment, parts of which are in constant motion over great distances.
WiFi device driver development in production is indispensable since additional components are required to increase the security and mobility of the network.


According to Statista, the number of open WiFi access points worldwide will be approximately 549 million by 2022. This indicates that supermarkets, gyms, offices, post offices, and bookstores have joined coffee shops and factories in terms of steady Internet connection availability.

The development of WiFi device drivers is difficult in some cases but brings significant benefits in the form of increased security, performance, and ease of authentication. For the business owner, WiFi solutions bring benefits in terms of marketing by increasing user loyalty and reinforcing the overall prestige of the establishment.

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