Wireless Industry

Industrial sectors are undergoing a massive digital transformation, sparked by a convergence of new technologies. Low-power wide area wireless technologies are dropping costs of adding intelligence and sensing equipment. Always-on, high-performance technologies collect, organize, and turn data into actionable insights.


Benefits of Working With Us

Higher productivity

Industrial automation systems provide a non-stop production cycle, reducing to the minimum the downtime needed for maintenance and personnel’s days off.

Higher productivity

Industrial controllers allow excluding human fBetter quality Industrial controllers allow excluding human factors that is often the root of errors...

Improved flexibility

While humans have to be trained anew with the arrival of each innovation, AI-powered mechanisms can just be programmed to fit the novel conditions.

Greater safety

Replacing people working in hazardous environments or at-risk-related jobs, smart machines will ensure fewer injuries to the staff.

Enhanced data accuracy

Industrial automation software enables to collect information cheaper and more accurately than a human might ever hope to achieve.

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Success Stories

Increasing the Scalability of a Cloud-Based System for IoT Products

Optimized AWS IoT system for advanced scalability and efficiency.

Remote Antenna Tilting Protocol Implementation

The solution offers dependable industrial control and monitoring for facility, environmental, and process applications. It comes with a low-cost Qt GUI, a multithreaded daemon, and fine-tuning options.

A Web App for a Wireless Technology Provider

A new interactive web software piece with manually designed object models and features.




Electrical & Electronic Manufacturing


Solutions we use

As businesses strive to reduce costs and increase reliability and automation, more and more companies are looking into the development and investment in Short Range Wireless Solutions.

Client Feedback

Amin Reda

VP of Engineering at Telewave, Inc

“The team adhered to deadlines and executed on each requirement. Customers can expect a knowledgable and professional partner.”

Rob Conant

VP Software & Ecosystem at Infineon

“Alex and his team are dedicated, skilled, and easy to work with. I'd highly recommend them to anyone.”

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