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Zigbee Solutions

Zigbee is a wireless technology based on the IEEE 802.15.4 personal area network standard. Zigbee solutions offer perfect conditions for fully autonomous operation of numerous low-power electronic devices (for example, IoT sensors) connected to one local network, enabling the most complex intelligent scenarios.

Benefits You Get

In recent years, Zigbee solutions have stood more and more competition with Wi-Fi and Bluetooth, since they can significantly reduce the number of controllers connected to the router and have fewer wireless protocols for smart devices. The number of implemented Zigbee devices is growing, and their manufacturers include such large companies as Amazon, Nokia, Philips, Samsung, Bosch, Miele, etc. What are the main advantages of the technology?

Extensive coverage

Regardless of the manufacturer, Zigbee devices communicate in the same language, which eliminates any communication problems. Stable communication is provided at a distance of up to 160 m in open space and up to 20 m indoors.

Flexible communication

Zigbee operates in the unlicensed bands at 2.4 GHz (global), 915 MHz (America), and 868 MHz (Europe), providing data rates from 10 kbps to 250 kbps depending on frequency. The addressing scheme is capable of supporting hundreds of network nodes and linking multiple network coordinators to support very large networks.

Reliable control

The standard supports mesh network topology, which is distinguished by “survivability”. Zigbee wireless networking system devices provide self-healing and guaranteed data packet delivery when communication between individual nodes is interrupted (an obstacle appears), overload, or failure of an element. Even if the network organizer goes down, the devices will continue to work.

High performance stability

Zigbee does not focus on point-to-point communication where one powerful device transmits data to another over a short distance. It operates over a fault-tolerant mesh network, making it ideal for local use in a smart home environment.

Ultra-low energy consumption

Zigbee devices can run up to several years of battery life thanks to their ultra-low microampere power consumption. In addition, small solar panels or induction coils can be used as permanent energy sources.

Boosted security

Zigbee takes a multi-tiered approach to security – the advanced AES-128 encryption standard is provided at the lower layers. In addition to this, the technology is installing aiding security tools for encrypting keys and distributing information. The specification provides for cryptographic protection of data transmitted over wireless channels and a flexible security policy.

ZigBee Architectures

Advanced Zigbee products enable you to build an end-to-end smart business. The self-organizing structure of the network is set by the parameters of the configurator stack profile and is formed automatically by attaching (re-attaching) the forming devices, which ensures ease of deployment and scaling of the network.

Technology Use Scenarios

Extensive deployment of wireless networks is achieved with low-cost Zigbee wireless microcontrollers and low-power modules. Zigbee software has been providing low-cost battery operation for many years for a variety of monitoring and control applications, including the following.

Smart home

Zigbee wireless modules and controllers support indoor and outdoor remote control. Zigbee 3.0 is compatible with multiple platforms, including HVAC control.


Flexible configuration and management of GPS sensors in Zigbee systems enable the use of modern telemetry, remote vehicle management, and the creation of intelligent transport fleets that help optimize costs.

Storage logistics

With Zigbee devices, the constant tracking and movement of stocks are transformed from a cumbersome challenge into a simple task that does not require additional personnel and costs.

With Zigbee wireless microcontrollers and modules, you can provide state-of-the-art hotel services, private, public, and government intellectual property rentals.

Reservoir monitoring

Due to its high metrological accuracy, reliability, convenience, and financial competitiveness, Zigbee wireless microcontrollers and modules are widely used in the industrial automation market for supplying water, oil products, etc.


With a network with high bandwidth, security, and stability, you can create a comprehensive monitoring system for harmful emissions, water and gas leaks to ensure the complete safety of future owners.

Major Implementation Stages

1. Choice of communication protocol

2. Choice of the optimal network Zigbee wireless modules

3. Development of an embedded Zigbee wireless networking system

4. Production test

5. Launch and mass production of Zigbee products

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