IT Staff Augmentation

What is it?

You can hire specialists from Sirin Software: the engineers continue to be employed by us, but effectively they become your staff, and they work on tasks you give directly to them. Our team assumes the role of the recruiter and will find the best developers to meet your requirements. While our engineers are working for you, our team will take full responsibility for HR management and other tasks your HR, accounting, legal departments etc. would normally perform.


  •  Companies that want to increase staff without opening a new office
  •  Companies that require specific expertise
  •  Companies that use outsourcing in several countries


Reduced costs

  •  You save up to 50% of salary costs;
  •  You avoid temporary employment overheads or other HR related expenses;
  •  You avoid the need for additional investments in office and equipment

No increased effort

  •  You will have a team of highly qualified, experienced employees whose understanding and involvement in your efforts are at the highest level of service;
  •  You preserve direct operational management of the employees;
  •  You will free up time to manage more projects in parallel and to plan with more certainty;
  •  You will not need to think about registrations in Ukraine or any dispute risks.


Recruitment & Team Scaling
Our recruiters will find the best developers in Ukraine, check their soft skills, English level and technical experience to fit your project needs.
Managing Replacements
Our working process never stops – if someone leaves the project, our recruiters find replacement immediately for preventing project’s delay.
Detection Of Motivation
Our HR department determines staff needs and develops a set of motivational activities, events and programs to prevent their burnout.
Equiping Staff With All Resources
Everyone in our team is equipped with all necessary resourses which their activity requires. If there’s specific need appear – we buy additional equipment.

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