R&D center

What is it?

You can trust the development of your IT project to Sirin Software. Our team will provide the best quality service and complete your project to the highest standard. Our team will take full responsibility for all stages of the project and can provide you with all elements of a complex solution: firmware, hardware, and software. You will be in constant touch with our Project Manager and be in control of all stages of the development process.


  • Companies that have a project idea but lack the resources to complete it
  • Companies that require specific expertise
  • Companies that have stopped developing a project at any stage


Experienced professionals

You will have middle and senior developers, each with over eight years of experience, working on your project.

Diversified expertise

You won’t need to find additional developers or companies to accomplish specific stages of the development process.

Perfect communication

You will control all stages of the development process and be in constant contact with our Project Manager.

System architecture design
Our architects hold the vision of the whole system (language, frameworks, and technologies) and interpret it into tasks for the development team.
Mobile/Web development
Our developers & designers build cutting-edge apps that scale and provide a fully functional native experience across all platforms and devices.
Maintenance, bug fixing and QA
Perfect quality is our primary goal. That’s why our team of testers is extremely serious about searching for any defects and errors.
Firmware / Software / Hardware design
Our team provides the full cycle of complex solutions. Our engineers can create any custom system solution tailored to fit your project’s requirements.
Our PM convert all your requirements into specifications for the team and are responsible for providing all delivery and communication to customers.


We will get in touch with you within 24 business hours