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Turn-key product development

The world of the early second millennium is quickly transforming into an e-civilization. Electronics that surround us have ushered in e-books and e-papers (printed in e-ink), e-health and e-commerce, e-banking, and e-sports. All of these concepts would be impossible without the respective software products. Quickly realizing the prospects of the digital market, IT companies offer a whole gamut of high-tech services – from graphicdesign for interfaces and mobile game development to wireless IoT systems and cloud facilities. However successful these sporadic projects may be, the future of the IT realm is an end to end product development process.

Turn-Key Product Development: A Succinct Profile

As the name of it hints, end to end product development presupposes responsibility of one vendor that takes care of the whole project – starting at the stage of ideas down to the phase when the completed product is developed and launched. The philosophy of the approach lies in eliminating as many intermediate steps and agents as possible.

How do customers benefit from it? They are spared the annoying search for specialists able to render various IT services and paying through the nose for various related projects piecemeal. And they can receive the turnkey product on short notice to boot.

Why is it good for developers? The qualified team knows how to handle the task efficiently without any unnecessary hassle that invariably appears when some phases are entrusted to a third party.

In the IT industry, the company in charge of a comprehensive end to end solution provides all required materials and supplies, including hardware, software, and workflow organization as well as manpower. Moreover, such developer companies take care of installation (or implementation) and maintenance of the system they built.

The Stages of the IT End to End Production

There is a standard algorithm of steps that are taken in the digital sector if the customer opts for end to end software building.

  • Finding a developer. This is a preliminary phase, yet it is the crucial one since the wise selection of a vendor determines the ultimate success of a project. To make the right choice, you should consider the size of the team, the field of the personnel expertise within it, the references from previous employers, the accomplished projects, and other important summands of the company’s reputation and qualification. 
  • Hatching a plot. Clients give a detailed description of their requirements and expectations (the satisfying UX is the ultimate objective, as a rule). Specialists on the developer’s side are to anticipate risks that are likely to crop up and outline the possible ways of avoiding or mitigating them. Then both parties should agree upon the milestones of the project, deadlines, and the communication pattern.
  • Development is proper. Typically, a specialist does it quickly and efficiently, be it coding, designing graphics, data processing, or any other activity. A team of experts that have a history of projects in their portfolio are likely to do it in the double-time since their experience of joint effort makes explanation and adjustment redundant. 
  • Evaluation and testing. With the completion of the product, the developer’s duties aren’t ended as the processes of validation and assessment come into play. The software must be tested to see if it operates the way it was designed to and final tweaks can be introduced if necessary.
  • Launching. At this stage, the product reaches the market. As a rule, it is the customer who should take care of its financial success via adequate distribution and marketing policy. However, developers carry the ball as well because their sphere of responsibility is the perfect performance and attractiveness of the final product.


In the world of electronic technologies, top-notch software is what will let your business board the gravy train. End to end software development is a cost-effective solution that allows obtaining the completed product in one place without the bother of hunting for disparate specialists to take care of all aspects of the project. By hiring Sirin Software you will employ a dedicated team of seasoned experts who will see through any high-tech or digital task you have in mind on a turnkey basis, including hardware, firmware, and software development, mobile app creation, IoT systems, and cloud service solutions.

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