Secure OS. Android-Like Operating System

About the Client

Our customer is a Swiss company specializing in high-security communication software design.

Company’s Request

The client asked us to develop a more robust and secure mobile operating system based on Android, which runs inside a Linux container (LXC).

Technology Set

Google Nexus 5
Android Kernel

The Sirin Software team contributed to developing the SecureOS Proof of Concept (POC).

Key milestones achieved include:

  • Porting LXC/cgroups kernel functionality.
  • Transferring LXC user-space utilities from Linux to Android.
  • Creating a minimal LXC image for Android OS.

Value Delivered

The system only boots up the kernel and initiates the guest Android OS within a container.
Enhanced security
If the guest OS is compromised, the host OS remains unaffected, enabling an easy restart of a new guest OS instance.
Improved Host Android OS
The system comprises a host Android OS enhanced with LXC/cgroups functionality.