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As of lately, an increasingly larger number of companies began resorting to software development outsourcing as a way of successfully delegating all their technological needs. This decision is not new and has been around since the 80s. Outsourcing helps distribute the responsibilities more fairly and offers a solution for those lacking internal resources or more specific expertise to accomplish various tasks.

From startups to large corporations, the range of companies that can benefit from IT outsourcing is wide and all-inclusive. According to Statista, software development outsourcing made up more than 60% of the total outsourcing market in the last couple of years. By the end of 2021, this whole industry is expected to yield $351 billion in revenue.

During multiple years of experience, our team at Sirin Software have observed the following software development outsourcing advantages:

Cost efficiency, since you won’t need to hire new people, onboard your own staff, and purchase extra equipment and software.

Time-saving - our already qualified team is more likely to deliver within the agreed timeframe and much faster than if you were to hire developers by yourself.

Extra resources, professional expertise, and a new perspective from the outside.

Ideally, you should look for a considerate partner instead of an indifferent and a bit too formal vendor.
Sirin Software is a software and hardware development company whose sole purpose is to make sure all your needs are met with professionalism and care!

C/C++ Development Services

Hardly any software and hardware development company these days can get by without using one of these languages in their work. C and C++ continue to be a staple of software development due to their structure, smooth syntax, and impressive performance. Our developers, here at Sirin Software, offer a wide variety of high-quality C/C++ development services for your project, no matter the scale or complexity.

By updating our language knowledge regularly, we ensure the most modern outlook on all aspects of coding. C/C++ helps us to develop multiple different project types - starting with low-level ones that are extra close to the hardware, following by embedded software and design tools.

Python Development Services

Another capable and distinguished programming language, Python, is also a favorite among our engineers, especially when it comes to embedded software development. We continue to notice remarkable feedback and an improved communication process between systems and users, as well as less fussy maintenance and easier code transfer.

Our Python development services allow for a lot of subsequent testing of a system or a tool, which has proven quite beneficial mid-coding when we need to optimize or even reprogram bits and pieces due to our customer’s demand. Other services we provide, in which we use Python, include standard software development, data analysis, and the Internet of Things. For example, here’s the latest solution we made using Python.

JavaScript Development Services

JavaScript is one of the best languages to use if your project needs numerous interactive elements. Sirin Software utilizes this programming language in both mobile apps, websites, and web applications to create a stand-out user experience, which is a must-have today if you want your business to be profitable and enjoyable.

With our JavaScript development services expertise, we can take care of any frontend and backend solution. Customizations or perhaps unusual design or functionality decisions are also not an issue since our team works with pretty much all popular and available Javascript libraries and frameworks, two of which we used in this case.

React Native Development Services

Mobile application development has one of the highest demands on the current market with the number of mobile users rapidly increasing with each year. React Native is one of those tools that helps deliver the best mobile applications, for example, check out the parking solution we implemented using this language.

Our team at Sirin Software offers React Native development services that can turn any visualization you have into a full-scale reality.

The benefits of using React Native also include the following:
The performance is almost on par with Android or iOS native applications.
Easy to change the framework and move mid-development;
Seamless updates.

iOS Mobile App Development Services

We also provide native iOS mobile app development services. A quarter of all smartphone users have iOS-powered devices, so it’s really important to get your business to conform to users’ standards. Sirin Software develops iOS solutions that take usability and UX to the next level, while also taking care of Return-on-Investment and other profitability indicators.

We try to accommodate all of our client’s requirements for a mobile application without sacrificing design and functionality. Our iOS development expertise allows us to help you and guide you through your project every step of the way - from idea development to app implementation.

Android Development Services

There are even more Android users than there are iPhone users - more than 3 billion worldwide in 2021, which makes our Android development services extremely sought-after. Developing a mobile application can help you reach a whole new market of users that you couldn’t have otherwise, with just a desktop solution.

Android development is beneficial in multiple industries and to companies of various sizes and competencies - from small startups to huge enterprises, and from eCommerce with its profit expectancy to education and healthcare. As an example, you can check out the latest firmware update we did while using embedded Android.

Golang Development Services

An open-source cross-platform language that operates on a server-side, Golang is an excellent choice for data analytics, blockchain, Internet-of-Things, or Artificial Intelligence projects, providing quick debugging and testing, high visualization capabilities, and impressive speed.

With Golang development services, Sirin Software offers:
Straightforward deployment process and convenient memory allocation.
An efficient compiler that can even give a warning in case of a small error.
Great for projects that are meant for the cloud.
Can be compiled straight to the machine code.
Gets your data and connection safe and secure.

.Net Development Services

.Net is a programming language used for developing applications meant for Windows OS. Sirin Software offers .Net development services for all sorts of projects and industries - manufacturing, gaming, IoT, and finance. For example, in this case, we utilized the latest version of .Net Framework to create a graphical application for a 3D scanner.

It’s an extremely efficient language that will operate brilliantly if you need your project done in a shorter amount of time. Another benefit of using .Net is the possibility to move your project to a different platform if required.

Rust Development Services

This high-performance language, even though it's been around since 2006, only recently has gotten into its well-deserved streak of popularity, to the point where numerous leading IT companies, such as Dropbox, Figma, Amazon, have adopted Rust to enhance their services. We have also gone through a stage of fully embracing Rust into our work due to its exceptional speed and memory efficiency.

By using this language in our everyday development, we can carry out projects that are heavily dependent on spotless and predictable performance and can operate on embedded systems. Rust makes it possible by providing a functional compiler, numerous editing tools, and a dynamic ecosystem.

Choosing a fitting software and hardware development company is an important and demanding task. Sirin Software has established a successful routine by selecting relevant and harmonious teams of software specialists for each project to make sure we accomplish each and every one of your goals.
If you’re in urgent need of software development outsourcing and have a project or idea in mind, click here to contact our team.


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