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Turnkey Software Development

Turnkey software development is a very special niche. Each Sirin Software client is as unique as their projects. But sometimes your company can make a profit without developing its own project from scratch, but using an already created solution.

Sirin Software provides turnkey solutions to satisfy your business needs and deliver them to your customers as soon as possible. We carry out the complete software implementation process, from design and development to its improvement and tech support.

Our experience in turnkey software development allows us to create projects of any complexity and integrate them with any existing apps.

What Is Turnkey Software?

Turnkey software is a pre-built solution that can be easily incorporated into any existing business process. The finished product has a wide functionality that boosts your business, but sometimes it also includes redundant features.

Off-the-shelf software can help make your workflows more efficient, reduce project lead times, and increase team productivity. In addition, a ready-made solution is much cheaper and easier to implement, so it is great for companies with a limited budget. Finally, turnkey custom development is a good choice for companies that do not have their own development team or the time to build their own software.

For example, ready-made software is the best option for medical institutions. Typically, hospitals do not have the resources and time to create their own platform with the complex functionality for interacting with patients. In this case, such a solution initially doesn’t have the specific functions that hospitals need, but it can easily be customized to meet all product owner’s requirements.

Pros & Cons of Turnkey Software

Sirin Software team has prepared a list of advantages and disadvantages of turnkey solutions.

Turnkey software benefits

  • Lower initial cost.
    Ready-made software is a cheaper option and a good replacement for your own software made from scratch, which usually costs much more. Moreover, you do not need additional costs for its customization.
  • Simple implementation.
    Turnkey software solutions are much faster and easier to implement. You just need to hire a development team that integrates the off-the-shelf software into your enterprise architecture instead of creating a custom solution from scratch.
  • Rich basic functionality.
    The turnkey solution has all the functions to satisfy any company’s basic needs.

Turnkey software disadvantages

  • Limited functions at the level of the entire business.
    Due to limited functionality, a turnkey software solution may not be supported on all devices and may not have some non-trivial functions that are specific for your business case.
  • Lack of scalability.
    Such software is difficult to scale and develop along with your business. You can add some new features, but this will affect additional costs. There are also cases when turnkey solutions cannot be configured at all.
  • Adjustments from your side.
    There is a possibility that you will need to fine-tune your business processes to accommodate off-the-shelf software’s limited functionality.
How Can We Help You?

The Sirin Software development team’s capabilities cover all turnkey development stages, from product concept development to the UI/UX design and software implementation.

We relieve you of unnecessary stress and satisfy all your technical needs.

Here are three benefits of our turnkey software development:

  • We prolongate the software systems life:
    with modern systems and equipment we provide increased flexibility and efficiency. Usually we make a simple and cost-effective updates, ridding you from constant management and saving you money;
  • We integrate old apps with new ones:
    we can modernize old machines, increasing their flexibility and efficiency. Combining several advanced tools, we improve usability and save you money on other third-party licenses;
  • We are ready to cooperate with your team:
    the collaboration between our team and the client’s development teams always improves communication and increases productivity. This means you no longer face any training costs. With turnkey software development, you also get better analytics, which aids better decision making.
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Final Thoughts

Turnkey software development seems more simple through the client’s eyes. But it aso takes an experienced development team to customize an existing solution to a particular business case. The Sirin Software team has tremendous experience in the implementation of turnkey development processes.
Start working with us right now and you will launch your software as soon as possible!If you are interested in other services offered by the Sirin Software team besides turnkey software development, you can read other articles on our blog.



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