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Firmware and Mobile App for Extreme Sport Watercraft

Business area

Technology set

  • Devices/chips: STM32L series, Bluetooth® SMART 4.1, Xbee, NRF, Ublox GPS, Winbond Flash memory, EEPROM memory, sound & LED smart indication
  • Interfaces inside PCB: SPI, UART, I2C, PWM, 1wire
  • Cross PCB communication: CAN bus, xbee 802.15.4, BLE
  • Used MCU modules/peripherals: I2C, ADC, UART, CRC, DMA, timers, interrupts management, watchdog


European electric surfboard manufacturer with the main intent to become the world’s leading electric surfboard manufacturer by 2020.


The Project’s mission is to create a powerful, innovative, and an entirely new type of electric-powered watercraft mainly aimed at the European and North American consumer markets.
The client requested the development of firmware and a mobile app for effortless and precise settings, control, and statistical analysis for the wakeboard.


Our team created firmware for the wakeboard, from scratch. The board is set up by a mobile app and has three power levels (Eco/Sport/Awake) and throttles (Easy/Normal/Aggressive).

The wakeboard is equipped with sound and LED smart indicators and sensors: GPS, temperature, gyroscope, accelerometer, and humidity. The battery is outfitted with active balancing and an intelligent charging process.

Also, the wakeboard has a hall sensor which is mounted with a magnet that stops the board’s engine if the user should fall off the wakeboard in active mode.

The wakeboard is controlled by a Wireless Hand Control (HC) which communicates with the object through the ZigBee module (protocol xbee 802.15.4).

The HC displays the following features:
• Product battery level
• HC battery level
• Product speed km/h/mp/h
• Power/throttle mode
• Error mode (if errors occur in HC, wakeboard, or if there is a communication issue)

Sirin Software worked together with the hardware designer. We performed the review and tested the hardware used in the wakeboard and offered advisement.

We developed the functionality of the mobile app based on the design provided.

The mobile app connects with the wakeboard via Bluetooth SMART 4.1 and enables operational control, data acquisition, and storage.

Main features:
• User settings for the engine’s power and throttle mode based on requirements
• Stats (max speed, g-force, distance length and path (recorded on a map)
• All data is recorded and stored in firebase and can be exported to MS Excel
• Firmware update
• Control HC and board battery level and health
• Geo-fence service: user can set playground and forbidden areas for the wakeboard on the map
• Entering a custom device name

The app was created both for IOS and Android OS.

Value delivered

  • Completed firmware and mobile app were created to provide full control, settings and statistics collection of the wakeboard.
  • Synchronization between mobile app, wakeboard and hand control is embedded using ZigBee and Bluetooth protocols.
  • Wakeboard is equipped with sensors: GPS, temperature, gyroscope, accelerometer, humidity.
    Geo-fence technology was implemented.
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