Wireless Solutions

At Sirin Software, we specialize in designing and deploying custom wireless solutions. Our experts optimize Wi-Fi, RFID, Bluetooth, and other protocols, serving businesses in logistics, healthcare, retail, and more. We're passionate about connecting the world seamlessly.


In the simplest terms, wireless solutions allow devices to communicate without physical connections. Instead, they employ technologies such as Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, RFID, and more. For example, a Wi-Fi setup in a coffee shop allows customers to connect their devices to the internet without needing ethernet cables. This wireless networking is achieved using a router, which converts data from a wired internet connection into radio signals. Similarly, Bluetooth technology is used for close-range, low-power communication, like pairing your smartphone to a wireless headset. On a larger scale, technologies such as RFID are utilized in industries for inventory tracking, allowing real-time data collection and management. These wireless solutions enable an interconnected, efficient world

What We Do

Location Tracking Systems

Our skilled team develops a real-time location tracking system, utilizing WiFi hotspots to monitor movements within business environments like hospitals and public venues

Testing & Alignment

Through careful testing, we ensure our wireless solutions align with client requirements, maintaining optimal resource consumption levels and robust performance

Customer Behavior Analysis

We develop wireless solutions that study customer behavior, for automatic blacklisting of unauthorized devices, and offer marketing opportunities through advertising and promotions on user screens

Linux Driver Optimization

We harness the power of Linux wireless drivers, optimizing WiFi solutions for diverse businesses such as restaurants and manufacturing facilities, considering the number and types of access points

Firmware Leveraging

Leveraging firmware like DD-WRT, we refine authentication methods and device location abilities for network security and efficient user management across different networks

Two-Way Communication Systems

In collaboration with our clients, we designed an In-building Two-Way Radio Communications Enhancement System for firefighters, with additional wireless network development for consumer use

Benefits of Using Wireless Solutions

Business Intelligence

Our wireless solutions enable customer behavior tracking, providing data for personalized marketing strategies and promoting business growth.

Industrial Safety

Our custom devices and frimware ensure secure data transmission in industrial settings, promoting worker safety and operational stability.

Customer Satisfaction

Leveraging custom multi-OS drivers , we ensure smooth wireless performance, enhancing customer satisfaction and promoting business.

Productivity Enhancement

Our real-time location tracking systems streamline operations, improving task management and employee productivity within your business premises.

Inventory Management

We create solutions that help businesses efficiently track inventory, preventing overstocks and outages for retail and warehousing operations.

Effortless Setup & Space Optimization

Our wireless solutions, being easy to install and reconfigure, eliminate cable clutter, reducing setup costs and providing cleaner, more flexible workspaces.

Success Stories

LoRaWAN Gateway for IoT/M2M Applications

The solution provides low-cost, ARM-based gateways for IoT applications with a good connection, long-range coverage, and data security choices.

SD-WAN Solution: Multipath Internet Gateway

The solution ensures data privacy and security across any Internet connection. The gateway automates secure networking at every location.

SabaiOpen Project: OpenWrt-based Operating System

An VPN logical solution for remote access connectivity for Sabai Open-Project OS, a customized operating system that offers easy network administration.

Wireless Connection Manager For IoT-Enabled Consumer Electronics

The wireless configuration manager app is easily-installable and allows simple connection to the device, secure external connections, and complete lifecycle management.

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