Custom Electronic Design Services

With years of experience in the field, Sirin Software specializes in the unique electronic design services required for improving resource efficiency in manufacturing, analysis, and management in various market segments.


In the current technology-focused market, custom electronic design offers businesses specialized solutions that surpass standard offerings. In the transportation sector, integrating GPS and GSM allows for real-time analytics that improves route planning. Retail benefits from RFID technology, transforming transactions and inventory control. In manufacturing, automated systems increase productivity and maintain efficiency. These technologies not only improve functionality but also adhere to safety and regulatory requirements, which are vital for success in many industries.

Our Custom Electronic Design Services

Circuit Design

When ordinary solutions fail, creating custom circuits is indispensable. The approach ensures that unique requirements are fulfilled, offering a competitive advantage and encouraging innovation, particularly when dealing with industry-specific issues.

Simulation & Architecture Planning

It’s always useful to anticipate and resolve potential design concerns as early as possible. This becomes vital when creating complicated systems or combining multiple components, enabling long-term operational success and functional integration.

Embedded Systems Development

This helps to improve the adaptability and intelligence of devices through customization. The connection with end-user needs and expectations requires attention across multiple applications, allowing devices to fulfill specific functions properly.

Firmware Development

It is important to optimize the interface between software and hardware as part of the custom electronic design process. This offers adaptation and compatibility across applications, improving user experiences and enabling smooth operations.

PCB Layout

Building a solid foundation provides a basis for integrating different components, especially in industries where precision is critical. It is comparable to building a house, where the foundation's strength dictates the overall stability and success of the project.


Serves as a preview of the final product, allowing necessary improvements and alterations. Presenting a physical working model is important in getting approval and financing while assuring the project's scalability and compliance with quality standards.

IoT and Analytics Integration

We design systems that can quickly comprehend and manage massive datasets, allowing for informed decision-making. Design precision and technological acuity enhance a product's ability to adapt, evolve, and stand out in a competitive and technological landscape.

Power Management

Energy consumption optimization is extremely important, especially in environmentally sensitive and battery-dependent applications. Using approaches like dynamic voltage scaling improves the efficiency of durable, long-lasting products.

Quality Assurance

For high-stakes industries, it's important to pay attention to high safety and regulatory requirements. We secure product reliability and compliance through extensive testing and validation, setting the way for market entry and long-term success.

Process of Custom Electronic Development

Project Initialization & Consultation

The electronics design service starts with a consultation to understand your vision, needs, and limits. When we are on the same page, a thorough requirement analysis phase begins. We research trends and find the best components to make sure your project is creative and economical.

Technical Assessment & Blueprint Creation

We build a thorough roadmap by integrating the feasibility study and system architecture design. A technical ability report outlining the necessary hardware and software comes first. It then moves on to system architecture, describing how each element will function within the overall structure.

Circuitry & Layout Design

The steps of PCB layout and schematic design are connected. The electrical connections between components are shown on the schematic, which functions as a plan. We then translate this into a physical layout for the PCB, emphasizing both scalability and manufacturability.

Prototyping & Software Development

This phase is a tactile representation of the schematic and layout designs. A prototype gets assembled and tested to validate both design and functionality. Concurrently, any software interfaces or applications needed to augment the hardware are developed.

Quality Assurance & Real-world Validation

Once we have a working prototype, we subject it to rigorous Quality Assurance and Testing. To elevate the confidence in the project, we go a step further with Pilot Testing, exposing the prototype to real-world conditions and making final adjustments.

Final Deployment & Ongoing Support

The final release is the culmination of our approach. However, the team's dedication doesn't stop there. To verify efficient operation and possible scalability and guarantee that your electronic solutions withstand the test of time, we provide strong after-launch support.

Cooperation Scenarios


Tech Advisory

We offer expert advice and guidance as needed. This flexible model allows you to enhance your in-house capabilities and tap into specialized expertise whenever necessary, without a long-term commitment.


Full Cycle Development and Support

Our team works closely with you on multiple projects with a comprehensive understanding of your business, strategic goals, and unique needs, enabling the delivery of unique and reliable solutions from start to finish.


Project Refinement

We handle unique needs and challenges to ensure a successful outcome, regardless of your product's stage or issues. This dedicated approach provides a smooth, dependable final result tailored to your goals and satisfaction.

Technologies We Use

Smart Parking Solution with Cloud, Mobile App and Web Dashboard

Firmware Update for Industrial Wearable Device

Controlled Air Supply System System of Heating-Conditioning for Smart Houses

Firmware and Mobile App for Extreme Sport Watercraft

Industries We Work With





Consumer Electronics


Why Choose Sirin Software?

Expertise & High-Quality Components

Your unique electronic design will only use the highest-quality components thanks to the years of knowledge and skill of our team of engineers. This guarantees durability and performance, laying the foundation for a long-lasting, reliable product.

Tailored Solutions & Client-Centric Approach

We don't believe in one-size-fits-all solutions. Our engineers work closely with you to understand your specific needs and objectives. This client-centric approach allows us to create custom solutions perfectly aligned with your business goals and technical requirements.

Cost-Effectiveness & Competitive Pricing

Choosing our custom electronic circuit design services means entrusting your project to experts who prioritize quality and client satisfaction. This not only gives you peace of mind but also provides a high return on investment, as durable and efficient designs require less maintenance and offer more uptime.

Timely Delivery

We are aware of how vital time is to any business. Because of this, we follow strict deadlines to make sure your unique electronic design is finished and delivered on time. Our project management abilities stay concentrated on completing projects on time without compromising quality.

Peace of Mind & Return on Investment

Choosing Sirin Software means entrusting your project to experts who prioritize quality and client satisfaction. This not only gives you peace of mind but also provides a high return on investment, as durable and efficient designs require less maintenance and

Competitive Edge & Long-Term Benefits

Our design services for electronic products provide you with a definite advantage over your competitors. Unlike mass-produced items, our designs are made just for you to provide you with an edge over others. Also, the premium materials and quality guarantee that your product will continue to be