Computer Vision Software Development

Sirin Software excels in teaching machines to 'see' and understand visual data through advanced AI algorithms. Our custom computer vision software development focus isn't just on automating tasks but on building intelligent systems that learn and adapt. With our deep technical know-how, we provide robust and accurate smart solutions that offer real business benefits like cost savings, efficiency gains, and enhanced decision-making.


Our specialists are well-versed in the realm of computer vision software development across various industries. In manufacturing, we’re able to design systems that automate and improve quality checks. For healthcare, we’re capable of building solutions that make medical image analysis more precise and reliable. When it comes to security, we can help enhance surveillance systems to better detect potential threats. In the retail sector, we’re proficient in creating tools for comprehensive customer behavior studies.

Our Computer Vision Development Services

Model Design & Optimization

Our approach to designing models prioritizes versatility. These machine learning models are optimized for peak performance in addition to being adjusted to the specific requirements of your sector, guaranteeing that they are effective in challenging circumstances.

Integration & Deployment

From the first line of code to the final deployment, we've got you covered. Our computer vision systems effortlessly slide into your existing infrastructure and are made live in your operational environment without any glitches or hiccups.

Ongoing Support & Data Annotation

Think of us as your long-term partner, not just a computer vision software development company. We offer you both the peace of mind of ongoing support and the invaluable asset of high-quality data annotation services to keep your systems at the forefront of the technological landscape.

Object Tracking, Anomaly Detection & Data Preparation

Our computer vision software development services are a game-changer. For industries like retail and security, these services offer immediate insights and streamline data preparation - covering collection, annotation, and optimization - for accurate, effective models.

Image Segmentation & Facial Recognition

Using convolutional neural networks (CNNs) and edge detection, our image segmentation divides digital images for focused analysis. Our facial recognition employs deep learning and Eigenfaces for secure biometric ID.

Gesture Recognition & Augmented Reality

We employ skeletal tracking algorithms and infrared sensors for precise gesture recognition in HCI (Human-Computer Interaction). We also implement SLAM and object recognition algorithms for real-time overlays in 3D AR environments.

Cooperation Scenarios

Tech Advisory

We offer expert advice and guidance on an as-needed basis. This model allows you to enhance your in-house capabilities and call on specialized expertise whenever necessary, without a long-term commitment.

Full Cycle Development and Support

Working closely with you on multiple projects with comprehensive understanding of your business, strategic goals, and unique needs, our custom computer vision development company enables the delivery of unique and reliable solutions from start to finish.

Extended Team & Flexible Resources

Scale your team and speed up your projects only where it’s needed. We integrate experts into your team and offer flexible payment options – fixed, time-based, or hybrid – for quick, quality outcomes and financial flexibility.

Our Expertise


Depth Sensing

Specializing in depth and distance measurements, our computer vision system software development ranges from robotics to interactive installations, thanks to technologies like Time-of-Flight cameras and stereo vision.


Thermal Imaging

Infrared radiation serves as the foundation for our heat-pattern visualization solutions. Fields like firefighting and predictive maintenance frequently rely on this expertise.


Spectral Analysis

From agriculture to mineralogy, our hyperspectral and multispectral image processing techniques offer unique solutions for specialized imaging needs.


Document Analysis

Transforming documents into searchable, editable data is a process streamlined by our Optical Character Recognition (OCR) solutions, aiding in workflow, automation and data management.


Video Analytics

Utilizing temporal segmentation and pattern recognition algorithms, we offer robust video analysis. This expertise finds application in areas like behavior analysis and event prediction.


Visual Search Capabilities

Ideal for e-commerce and digital asset management, our feature-matching algorithms enable quick and precise image retrieval from expansive datasets.

Technologies We Use

AI Dual Dash Camera for Vehicles

Industries We Work With


Industrial Automation

Energy Sector

We Can Create a Product

Predictive Analytics Platform

Platforms that not only incorporate AI and machine learning but also extend computer vision capabilities. Our custom computer vision software development services provide comprehensive solutions with in-depth, actionable insights.

Enhanced Mobile or Web Application

Solutions that merge intuitive user interfaces with advanced computer vision functionalities. This would offer a market-ready product aimed at enhancing user engagement.

Asset Management Tool

We could craft a robust, multi-layered industrial application that utilizes RFID, GPS, and advanced computer vision algorithms for comprehensive asset tracking, and security.

IoT and Computer Vision Devices

Our computer vision development company creates intelligent devices that integrate visual data capture with IoT functionalities. Such a unified solution could find application in smart homes or industrial settings.

Monitoring with Predictive Analytics

We can design a product that combines real-time health monitoring with computer vision, aimed at providing healthcare facilities with a comprehensive patient care solution.

Smart City Traffic Control Solutions

Incorporating machine learning algorithms, real-time sensor data, and sophisticated computer vision techniques, we can provide municipalities with an intelligent product aimed at managing urban traffic flows.

Computer Vision Development Process

Requirements & Data Preparation Design & Architecture Algorithm & Development
Initial phase involves a detailed analysis of client-specific objectives and constraints. Data collection includes both labeled and unlabeled datasets, subjected to preliminary data cleansing and normalization to guarantee quality machine learning stages. At this stage we create UI/UX prototypes, user-tested for optimal interactivity, with a software architecture plan. The architecture accommodates different machine learning algorithms, including CNNs, as well as provisions for IoT integrations. We focus on algorithm selection and customization, employing machine learning methods such as Support Vector Machines (SVM) or Random Forests. Features extraction techniques like SIFT or ORB are also incorporated, based on project requirements.
Multi-Level Testing Deployment & Integration Support & Documentation
Unit, integration, and end-to-end testing are conducted, using specific test cases designed to emulate operational scenarios. Quality Assurance applies metrics like precision, recall, and F1-score for performance evaluation against set benchmarks. Finalized modules are integrated into client infrastructure, either cloud-based or on-premises, using containerization methods like Docker for scalable deployments. CI/CD pipelines are used for smooth integration and quick rollbacks, if necessary. Post-launch includes algorithmic fine-tuning based on real-world data and performance metrics. Extensive documentation covers setup protocols, API references, and performance metric guidelines for ongoing operational refinement.


Why Choose Sirin Software?

Expertise & Quality Innovative & Time-Efficient Flexibility & Client Focus
Your project will be completed with unrivaled competence and quality thanks to our team of specialists and dedication to employing premium components. This guarantees industry-leading standards for your end product. Our team provides cutting-edge solutions on time by utilizing advanced technologies and efficient operations. With this combination, you stand out in the competitive market and can release products faster without compromising quality. Our flexible cooperation models and client-centric approach offer a tailored experience that meets your specific needs. From tech advisory to full-cycle development, we provide a range of options for maximum control and peace of mind.