Energy Monitoring Solutions

Having expertise in IoT technologies, we deliver real-time information, improve operational efficiency, manage HVAC and lighting systems, and maximize renewable energy via smart meters.


Energy monitoring systems, which are made up of complicated sensors and advanced algorithms, serve as watchdogs and regulators of energy consumption. For energy optimization, smart thermostats and building energy management systems (BEMS) use powerful machine learning and data analytics. Power monitoring software also delivers real-time insights, reporting irregularities and assisting with proactive energy management. Intelligent lighting systems conserve energy by adapting to ambient light and human presence. Finally, smart plugs provide control over specific devices, aiding in micro-level energy saving.

What We Do

Customized IoT Solutions

As a developer of tailored IoT systems for energy management, we worked on projects like smart grids, enabling efficient energy distribution and usage monitoring issues for uninterrupted operations

Performance Benchmarking

Our team is able to create solutions to benchmark energy performance against industry standards. This will allow you to identify areas for improvement, make informed decisions, and drive continuous energy efficiency enhancements

Embedded Systems

With vast experience in embedded systems, our team creates energy monitoring tools capable of processing real-time data, ensuring accurate and efficient management from theft or unauthorized access

Energy Efficiency Analytics

By utilizing our advanced analytics capabilities, you can perform an in-depth analysis of energy efficiency. This includes identifying consumption patterns, pinpointing inefficiencies, and implementing targeted measures

Power Quality Assurance

We integrate continuous monitoring of voltage, current, and frequency to ensure optimal power quality. It detects anomalies, including harmonics and voltage fluctuations, ensuring equipment reliability, and regulatory compliance

Energy Demand Forecasting

Our products utilize advanced algorithms and historical data to forecast energy demand accurately. This assists energy providers in a planning capacity, optimizing resource allocation, and ensuring reliable energy supply while minimizing costs

Benefits of using Energy Monitoring Solutions

Cost Efficiency

Our energy monitoring solutions provide visibility of your energy consumption, allowing you to identify wastage and inefficiencies. They can help businesses save significantly on their utility bills.

Remote Control

Your energy monitoring system can be controlled remotely, providing flexibility and ease of management. This feature can help manage multiple sites efficiently, saving time and resources.

Preventive Maintenance

Our engineers create software that identifies unusual energy usage patterns, which could indicate faulty equipment. This allows for timely maintenance, preventing costly repairs in the future.

Success Stories

Controlled Air Supply System System of Heating-Conditioning for Smart Houses

A smart ventilation system was developed to regulate air distribution and attain the same temperature everywhere under variable conditions.

A Cloud Hardware-Software Innovation Project for a Solar Powers Distributor

An unique smart EV charger prototype created from the ground up, including intuitive cloud-based management functions.




Solar Energy

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