Semiconductor Design & Development Services

Sirin Software company can significantly enhance your technical expertise and product quality with our semiconductor engineering services. From chip design and fabrication to assembly and packaging, a reliable partner can help you stay ahead of the competition and meet the demanding needs of today's rapidly evolving market.


Semiconductor design services are the cornerstone of modern electronics, vital for their ability to conduct electricity under certain conditions but not others. This unique feature allows for the creation of electronic switches, essential in devices from smartphones to solar cells. Our semiconductor design company has utilized semiconductors to innovate in fields like energy-efficient LED lighting systems.

Our Semiconductor Design Services

Material Selection and Doping

Choosing the appropriate semiconductor materials, like silicon or germanium, and then doping processes to create n-type or p-type semiconductors. This involves introducing impurities like phosphorus or boron to alter electrical properties.

Layer Deposition and Coating

Our semiconductor design & development services include layer deposition techniques such as Chemical Vapor Deposition (CVD) and Physical Vapor Deposition (PVD) to create thin films. We use coatings like silicon dioxide or nitride for insulation and protection, ensuring durability and performance efficiency.

Photolithography and Patterning

In our semiconductor chips design services, we employ photolithography to transfer circuit patterns onto the semiconductor wafer. Applying a light-sensitive chemical layer, exposure to light through a mask, and etching to create the desired circuit patterns essential for complex IC designs.

Etching and Cleaning

Involves precise wet and dry etching techniques to remove layers or materials not protected by the photolithography pattern. Rigorous cleaning processes follow it to ensure the purity and defect-free surface of the semiconductor.

Doping and Ion Implantation

We perform additional doping through ion implantation, a process where ions of a dopant material are accelerated and embedded into the semiconductor to modify its electrical properties, crucial for creating specific electronic functions.

Testing and Quality Assurance

Testing of the semiconductor components for electrical functionality, reliability, and adherence to industry standards. This includes stress tests, performance evaluations, and ensuring the final product meets the specified requirements of the application.

Other Services We Provide May be of Interest for You

FPGA Design

Our semiconductor development services include FPGA design services that complement semiconductor projects by offering customizable logic blocks for high performance.

Embedded Systems Development

Apart from semiconductor solutions design services, we also develop embedded systems. This includes designing software and hardware for dedicated functions within larger systems, like automotive control systems or home appliances.

PCB Design and Layou

Sirin Software’s semiconductor product engineering services expertise in PCB design and layout services ensures that semiconductors are integrated efficiently into electronic circuits.

Custom Software Solutions

We provide semiconductor design & engineering services that involve custom software solutions, which can be tailored to support and enhance semiconductor-based products.

IoT Integration

Our semiconductor product design services extend to integrating semiconductors in IoT devices, enabling smarter and more connected solutions, such as home automation systems and wearable technology.

Power Management Solutions

We offer power management solutions, crucial in semiconductor applications, to optimize energy consumption and enhance battery life in products like mobile devices and electric vehicles.

We Deliver Semiconductor Development for Different Electronic Devices


Smartphones and Tablets

We develop semiconductors for enhanced processing power and energy efficiency in mobile devices. For instance, we can develop a custom chip for faster smartphone data processing.


Wearable Technology

Crafting semiconductor solutions for wearables like fitness trackers, focusing on miniaturization and power efficiency. For example, we can establish a low-power chip for a new line of smartwatches.


Automotive Electronics

Designing semiconductors for automotive applications, such as an advanced driver-assistance system. For instance, we can develop high-performance chips for vehicle sensor systems.


Home Automation Devices

Creating semiconductors for smart home devices like thermostats and lighting systems. For instance, we can develop energy-efficient chips for a new range of smart home controllers.


Healthcare Equipment

Specializing in semiconductors for medical devices, ensuring precision and reliability. For instance, we can develop compact, low-power chips for portable medical diagnostic devices.


Industrial Machinery

Developing robust semiconductor solutions for industrial applications, like automation and control systems. For instance, we can develop durable, high-capacity semiconductor chips for heavy industrial machinery.

Technologies We Use

In-building Radio Communications System with Cloud Service

Smart Parking Solution with Cloud, Mobile App and Web Dashboard

Smart Sensor System and Cloud Service Solution

A Cloud Hardware-Software Innovation Project for a Solar Powers Distributor

FPGA Development Process

Requirement Analysis

This initial stage involves understanding the specific needs and goals of the FPGA project defining the technical requirements and desired outcomes. It sets the foundation for the development process.

Design and Architecture Planning

In this phase, we outline the FPGA's architecture, including logic design, block diagram, and integration plan with other components. This blueprint guides the subsequent development stages.

Coding and Simulation

Here, we use hardware description languages like VHDL or Verilog to code the FPGA. The design is then simulated to validate its functionality and performance against the requirements.

Synthesis and Implementation

The validated design undergoes synthesis, translating it into hardware description. This is followed by implementation, involving placing and routing on the FPGA chip.

Testing and Verification

Rigorous testing is conducted to ensure the FPGA meets all specifications. This includes functional verification, timing analysis, and real-world testing scenarios.

Integration and Support

The final FPGA is integrated into the larger system. We provide ongoing support for optimization and troubleshooting.

Cooperation Scenarios

Idea Development Stage: Ongoing Project Collaboration Semiconductor Fabrication
Clients can approach us with just a concept or an idea. We specialize in transforming these initial thoughts into tangible projects, guiding them from concept to semiconductor design and beyond. For clients with an unfinished project, we provide expertise to carry it through to completion. Whether it’s a semiconductor component or a broader system, we can integrate seamlessly into the existing framework to fulfill the project requirements. Clients seeking solely semiconductor fabrication can rely on our specialized services. We offer custom semiconductor design and manufacturing tailored to specific project needs.
Full Project Development Product Enhancement Verification and Testing
We are equipped to handle complete project development, from semiconductor design to final product creation. This includes all stages of design, development, testing, and implementation. For clients with an existing product that needs upgrading or incorporating semiconductors, we offer our expertise to enhance and optimize the product’s performance and functionality. We provide verification and testing services for semiconductor components and related systems. Clients can come to us for thorough testing and quality assurance of their semiconductor designs or integrated systems.