PCB Design & Layout Services

Our specialized PCB design services employ advanced multi-layer configurations and differential signaling to handle complex tasks. By embedding components directly into the board, we maximize both space and performance. The result is a highly reliable and efficient PCB tailored to operate well in varied conditions.


We breathe life into electronic schematics, morphing them into tangible, working PCBs. Like constructing a miniature city, our engineers plot each component – resistors, chips, and all – onto the board, whilst sketching out signal pathways. As a harmonious blend of technical knowledge and creativity, our circuit board design and layout services drive the efficient function of devices, managing signal noise and heat while enhancing performance.

PCB Design and Layout Services We Provide

Design Prototyping & Layout Planning

Our PCB design service transforms your initial concepts into preliminary circuit blueprints, serving as the foundation for the PCB layout. Here, components are meticulously placed, and conductive paths are optimized for space, signal integrity, and thermal management.

Signal & High-Speed Performance Engineering

Specializing in both high-speed and multi-layer PCB designs, our team rigorously maintains signal integrity and minimizes latency. We focus on electromagnetic interference control, and impedance, termination, and crosstalk concerns to ensure your PCBs excel in high-performance applications.

Embedded Systems & Power Optimization

Our engineers integrate embedded systems into the PCB layout, enhancing functionality while reducing component count. Simultaneously, we optimize the power distribution network within the PCB to provide stable supply and efficient power utilization, prolonging your device's lifespan.

Comprehensive Review & Signal Analysis

Our experts conduct a thorough design critique, including checks for signal stability and thermal distribution simulations. Additionally, we perform signal integrity analysis for reliable, high-speed data transfers within your electronic systems.

Manufacturability & Component Sourcing

To make your design production-ready, we take into account key aspects like hole sizes, trace widths, and component placement, and also procure the most suitable components, streamlining the manufacturing process.

Prototyping & Testing

Our prototyping process offers a functional circuit board for design validation. Ideal before full-scale production, it includes rigorous testing for signal integrity, thermal performance, reliability, and functionality in diverse conditions.

Our Approach

Requirement Analysis & Schematic Capture

Our team kicks off your project by gathering all necessary requirements and formulating an initial design blueprint. This involves not only understanding your specific needs but also translating them into a schematic representation of the final board.

Component Selection

The key to an effective PCB design lies in choosing the right components. Sirin Software meticulously picks components that align with your project's goals, sourcing them from verified suppliers to guarantee both quality and reliability.

Board Layout & Design Review

After finalizing the schematic and components, our engineers focus on arranging the board layout. Every trace and component is placed with the utmost care, followed by a multi-level design review to ensure the board meets all specifications and client expectations.

Simulation, Verification, and Prototyping

Before any physical work begins, our experts employ extensive simulations to iron out potential issues. A prototype is then fabricated to validate these findings in real-world conditions, allowing us to make any last-minute tweaks for optimal performance.

Building and Quality Checks

After we're sure the prototype works well, our team moves on to making the final version of the circuit board. Each board goes through strict checks to make sure it's built right, and works as it should. This way, you get a product that meets all important standards and project goals.

Final Testing and Handover

Our last step involves thoroughly testing the completed circuit board to make sure it works exactly as it should. After all tests are successfully passed, we prepare the board and all documentation for you to take over to provide a smooth transition for the board's intended use in your project.

Cooperation Scenarios


Tech Advisory

Our PCB design and layout services include expert advice and guidance on an as-needed basis. This flexible model allows you to enhance your in-house capabilities and tap into specialized expertise whenever necessary, without a long-term commitment.


Full Cycle Development and Support

Our team works closely with you on multiple projects with comprehensive understanding of your business, strategic goals, and unique needs, enabling the delivery of unique and reliable solutions from start to finish.


Project Rescue and Enhancement

Struggling with an existing PCB project? Sirin Software specializes in rescuing and enhancing ongoing initiatives. Debugging, performance improvement, and feature addition are among the services for your project's needs.

Technologies We Use

In-building Radio Communications System with Cloud Service

Controlled Air Supply System System of Heating-Conditioning for Smart Houses

A Cloud Hardware-Software Innovation Project for a Solar Powers Distributor

Smart Parking Solution with Cloud, Mobile App and Web Dashboard

Industries We Work With


Consumer Electronics

Renewable Energy Systems


Industrial Automation


Why Choose Sirin Software?

Expertise & Quality

Your project will be completed with unrivaled competence and quality thanks to our team of specialists and dedication to employing premium components. This guarantees industry-leading standards for your end product.

Innovative & Time-Efficient

Our team provides cutting-edge solutions on time by utilizing advanced technologies and efficient operations. With this combination, you stand out in the competitive market and can release products faster without compromising quality.

Flexibility & Client Focus

Our flexible cooperation models and client-centric approach offer a tailored experience that meets your specific needs. From tech advisory to full-cycle development, we provide a range of options for maximum control and peace of mind.