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Smart Parking Solution With Cloud, Mobile App and Web Dashboard

Business area

Technology set

  • AWS (Amplify, AppSync, Cognito, DynamoDB, Lambda, S3)
  • TypeScript
  • React
  • React Native
  • Redux
  • GraphQL
  • CI - GitHub Actions
  • CD - Amplify Console
  • LoRaWan/Bluetooth 5.0

The request was to hold a non-commerce research project in the field of smart cities.


After the research phase, we created a complex turn-key solution for smart parking which can be implemented in any kind of parking lot, is flexible, easy-to-use (both for the operator and customers) and results in cost-savings for the owner.

The solution consists of sensors, Cloud, Web dashboard, and Mobile App. The signal transmission from the sensor to the Cloud is performed by LoraWan and Bluetooth 5.0.

smart parking solution


smart parking solution. sirin software

The Smart Parking node includes an external enclosure, the PCB, the battery, the antenna, and the internal enclosure piece.

The PCB is screwed to the base and the base is screwed to the external enclosure piece. The antenna is glued to the external enclosure and connects to the PCB via coax cable with u.FL connector.

The Smart Parking node can be equipped with a GPS module for outdoor parking. The GPS can ease the initial installation for big parking lots.

For indoor positioning on underground and multistorey parking lots, nodes are equipped with NRF52832 Bluetooth 5.0 enabled MCU. With installed mobile app nodes, indoor locations can be as accurate as outdoor GPS.

Power supply:

replaceable lithium-thionyl chloride AA batteries; the expected lifetime – 5-10 years (depends on settings and usage)

Radio protocol:

LoRaWAN / Bluetooth 5.0

Bluetooth position accuracy:

< 3m

GPS position accuracy:

< 3m

Operating temperature:
-20 to +65 °C


The cloud is developed as Serverless Architecture using the latest AWS Services. This kind of architecture allows pay and scale as you go. The cloud receives slot status and notifies all subscribers in real-time. Also, it keeps all data for future analytics or predictions.

Web App

The Web app is targeted for employees who will operate the parking facility. Using the Amplify React component and AWS Cognito, we implemented the authorization of operators and customers (users). By using GraphQL and AWS AppSync, parking space status is visualized in real-time.

The Web app shows detailed statistics about parking spaces and cars: which parking spaces are the busiest/ which car make and models parked/which times are the busiest/ and what revenues are derived from each space.

The parking manager can see what car and plate numbers are parked in each space. 

Parking owners can reduce costs on payments and tickets: our solution can be paperless (a user would just need to scan the QR code from their mobile phone).

smart parking solution. sirin software. web app

Mobile App

Using React Native and Typescript, we developed a cross-platform application that is suitable both for Android and IOS. The Mobile App is targeted to help parking lot clients control the parking process (parking space status and all collateral information are updated in real-time so clients can use a smartphone without any data delay). 

With Mobile App Users Can:

  1. Search for parking with some criteria (near user’s location, opening hours, cheapest, available slots, slots for EV, etc).
  2. Show directions to parking (Google Maps).
  3. Pay for parking directly in the mobile app.
  4. Make a reservation for a parking slot.
  5. Lock their car – make an alarm if a car moved without unlocking from the mobile app.
  6. See the parking space size (mid car/van/truck etc).
  7. Highlight free slots with LED lights.
  8. Get parking tickets with full information (show parking working hours, slot number, time and price for parking).

Value delivered

Cost Savings:

  1. Serverless Architecture allows pay and scale as you go.
  2. Using the payment method, a vandal protection and control system is developed that the client can use to reduce the number of staff
  3. Using the payment method, violation alerts, and a control system are developed that the client can use to reduce the number of staff

Enhancing User Experience for Users:

  1. Credit card payment options.
  2. The driver can easily find a free parking slot via a mobile app or LED lights.
  3. Users can book parking slots in advance.
  4. Parking ticket – shows parking working hours, slot number, time and price for service.

Improving Workflow for Parking Provider:

  1. The Web app shows detailed statistics about parking spaces and cars. (Which parking spaces are the busiest. Which cars’ make and model are parked. Which time is the busiest.) There is revenue reporting for each parking space.
  2. The parking manager can see what car and plate numbers are parked in each space.
  3. The provider can communicate with users via the Web app
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