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Mobile application development is the go-to service for every ambitious tech business today, be it a startup, a profiled company, an eCommerce project, or a large, complex enterprise. A dedicated app is an amazing tool for expanding market reach, acquiring great new shares of the target audience, and becoming more accessible for existing customers and users overall.

The Mobile App Development Essentials

Full-cycle mobile application development projects imply the creation of mobile-compatible software – its design, programming, hardware optimization, and testing. As you may know, there are two kings among mobile platforms, and there are different specifics to iOS development and Android development, too. A focus on one of these may depend on the nature of your business and project in mind.

However, the most usual approach is covering both “user camps”. This can be achieved by either implementing two separate native apps or going for a cross-platform approach that allows killing two birds with one stone in many cases. Thus, apart from platform compatibility, there are also different methods of mobile software development:

Mobile application development Sirin Software

Mobile application development Sirin Software

  • Native apps – such solutions are created for one specific operating system. The main gist of native apps is that they are specially tailored to the particular OS aspects. Native solutions also have direct access to hardware specifics by default and boast high performance due to the singular focus on distributing OS-specific resources.
  • Web apps – these are basically “websites turned apps” that feature a responsive interface and work on any platform and device due to their out-of-browser functionality. Such universal nature helps significantly save costs and deliver an app for a wide audience of users from the start.
  • Hybrid apps – such apps combine the best of both worlds, providing a native-like user experience while being web solutions in nature. At the same time, they are much easier and quicker to create than native solutions.
  • Cross-platform apps – modern programming tools also allow implementing proprietary apps that work on several platforms, are lightweight, perform at low Internet connection speeds, and deliver a smooth user experience. Not every provider is ready to deliver such advanced products, though. Be sure to turn to one of the top mobile application development companies in the world.

How do you understand which kind of app you need in your particular case?

Consider what you need above all else:

An app created based on a limited budget?
Developing web and hybrid apps is usually a pretty affordable process. You can easily save mobile application development costs. The same goes for a crossplatform solution.
A solution created as fast as possible?
Then a web app will be the best way to go. A crossplatform product, on the other hand, may serve as an MVP for your future expanded app.
An utterly stable, fast, high-performance product?
You will reach maximum individual optimization with native software, which is usually more preferred for enterprise mobile application development.
Why is Mobile Application Development Important for Business?

Mobile development services help businesses of all sizes and niches stay up to date in terms of modern consumer tendencies and widen the scope of demand. With a dedicated app, your brand ultimately gets:

Mobile application development Sirin Software

Mobile application development Sirin Software

  • Increased TA loyalty.
    A user downloading and installing your application to their smartphone gets to experience your offers first-hand. This ensures the most unobtrusive involvement of potential customers in your services. Mobile push notifications, for instance, let users constantly keep a hand on the pulse of your business progress even when their devices’ screens are blocked.
  • Boosted conversion rates.
    Commercial applications that can be used to purchase your goods or services expand your usual scope of sales. The mobile customer audience is a huge chunk of the business market that simply waits to be discovered and covered by your offers.
  • Boosted brand awareness.
    Having your brand name in hugely popular app marketplaces alone makes your business more recognizable among the global audience of users. Every day, millions (!) of people browse through Google Play and App Store, looking for random or specific solutions to download and check out.
  • Better competitiveness.
    Mobile app development will help you ultimately take your status up a notch. Thus, you get one step ahead of any market players that don’t have a dedicated app or those that offer a poor mobile experience. That’s why it’s integral that you turn only to top-notch, reliable mobile development companies.
Stages of Mobile Application Development

The common aspects of a mobile solution creation project in our and other mobile development companies that allow delivering a release-ready solution and influence the mobile application development cost include the following.

  1. Business Analysis
    The initial stage of mobile development services requires thorough market research and analysis of both your specific business and the requirements you pose. Such preparation helps experts deliver a highly competitive, trendy application that meets your expectations and satisfies end users.
  2. Wireframing & architecture
    This is where the essential foundation of your future solution is laid. Early wireframing helps set the software structure at the lowest levels and get to architecture coding. This is the carcass of the app that is expanded with further design and functionality.
  3. App Design and Development
    Designers draw up the interface elements and visual composition of the app, being responsible for an essential part of user experience and level of engagement. Developers program functional features and set things in motion with software coding. What platform do you target? Based on this, iOS development or Android development specifics come into play.
  4. Testing and QA
    Last but certainly not least, testing the operating, fully designed solution is crucial to release a sturdy, stably performing product that wouldn’t need much debugging and optimization when in the field. Quality Assurance experts help polish up the finished solution with a more global take on user experience and interface trials.
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Need a Dedicated Business App or Have a Mobile Concept in Mind?

In the fierce business market of today, it is crucial to work with the best providers capable of delivering truly competition-worthy results. Sirin Software is among the top mobile application development companies in the world to turn to if you need a product that will help you outrun competitors, boost sales, and become more recognized in your niche of operation. Need a lightweight solution or full-on enterprise mobile application development? We handle it all. Put your mobile application development project in reliable, experienced hands to reach new horizons.



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