A Cloud Hardware-Software Innovation Project for a Solar Powers Distributor

About the Client

Svea Solar is a professional provider of solar panel systems and solar panel installation services that works with intricate software-hardware combinations of solar solutions, in particular, controlling solar panels via a cloud-based interface. This allows solar panel owners to conveniently manage their solar technologies in real-time through an app or website.
Solar Energy

Company’s Request

We had an ultimate task to create a progressive piece of hardware – an electric vehicle charger along with the cloud-based software for controlling and monitoring it within a client’s single network ecosystem.

Technology Set

Used for programming the firmware of the smart EV charger, C provides the necessary control and efficiency for managing low-level tasks and hardware interfaces.
Employed for developing backend services and cloud interactions, Python offers rapid development capabilities and a vast ecosystem of libraries, which are ideal for building the cloud-based management functionality of the EV charger.
Utilized to host and manage the cloud services that enable remote monitoring and control of the EV charger.
HW Design
Involves the creation of the physical components of the smart EV charger, from circuit board design to the integration of various sensors and communications modules.

We needed to provide the most intuitive, hassle-free, and convenient ability for mass consumers to manage their electric car charging routine via a cloud-connected EV charger that can be easily monitored and controlled remotely online. This came out as a part of a complex smart charger solution.

Value Delivered

Innovative Smart EV Charger Prototype Development
A novel smart EV charger prototype designed and created from scratch.
Implementation of Cloud-Based Management Features
Thoroughly implemented convenient cloud-based management functionality.
Strategic Integration of Cloud Software and Hardware for Market Success
An authentic combination of cloud software and hardware that can be most profitably marketed.