A Web App for a Wireless Technology Provider

About the Client

Our client is the VC-funded startup company GuRu Wireless. The startup’s main mission is to contribute to electric power delivery through the air at room-scale and beyond to truly free people and businesses from having to run wires, change batteries, plug things in or bring them to a power source. GuRu is focused on providing the most efficient, precise, and intelligent delivery of wireless power over distances that any system has ever conceived.
Electrical & Electronic Manufacturing

Company’s Request

The client required the creation of a web page that allows managing the spreading of the energy through the surrounding environment in real-time. This called for the creation of a new interactive web software piece with manually designed object models and features.

Technology Set

Programming Language
Utilized for backend development, Python provides robust, scalable server-side logic and interacts seamlessly with AWS services.
Cloud Services
AWS Lambda
Offers serverless computing, enabling automatic scaling and management of the application's backend processes without dedicated server maintenance.
AWS API Gateway
Manages secure connections between clients and backends, facilitating efficient API calls and data interchange.
Provides scalable database services, ensuring reliable storage and retrieval of application data.
AWS Cognito
Handles user authentication and authorization, securing access and personalizing user experiences.
Frontend Technologies
Powers the dynamic user interface of the web page, ensuring a responsive and interactive user experience.
Enables the rendering of complex 3D object models in real-time, crucial for visualizing energy spread in the environment.

The ultimate solution was to build a web application that would be able to render 3D models according to adjustable parameters. We used ReactJS to outline the web interface, Three.JS to create 3D models of signal transmission devices, and AWS Cognito to implement a user authentication and control system.

Value Delivered

Cost-Effective Web Application Development
Developed a cost-efficient web application that allows for the rendering of adjustable 3D models, minimizing operational costs while maximizing utility and user engagement.
ReactJS for Efficient Interfaces
Leveraged ReactJS to build a responsive web interface, reducing development time and resources while providing a seamless user experience.
Advanced 3D Modeling with Three.JS
Utilized Three.JS to create precise and detailed 3D models of signal transmission devices, offering high-quality visualizations at a lower cost compared to traditional methods.
Enhanced Data Security with AWS Cognito
Implemented AWS Cognito for robust user authentication, ensuring high-level data protection and compliance with the latest security standards.
Scalable Solution for Electricity Delivery
Provided a scalable turnkey application that simplifies the delivery of electricity over the air, capable of handling increasing loads and user demands efficiently.