Firmware and Mobile App for Extreme Sport Watercraft

About the Client

A Swedish company specializing in the design and manufacturing of high-performance electric jet surfboards that innovate water mobility.

Company’s Request

The project's mission is to create a powerful, innovative, and an entirely new type of electric-powered watercraft mainly aimed at the European and North American consumer markets.
The client requested the development of firmware and a mobile app for effortless and precise settings, control, and statistical analysis for the wakeboard.

Technology Set

XBee 802.15.4
A high-level communication protocol used to create personal area networks with low-power digital radios. Enabled wireless hand control communication with the surfboard, allowing users to manage settings and operation remotely.
Bluetooth SMART 4.1
Also known as Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE), is designed for very low-power operation and short-range communication. The mobile app connects to the surfboard using BLE, for operational control, data acquisition, and storage directly from users' smartphones.
A platform developed by Google for creating mobile and web applications. It provides tools for tracking analytics, reporting and fixing app crashes, and creating marketing and product experimentations. Used for data storage within the mobile app, enabling users to record and store statistical data such as speed, distance, and journey routes.
The communication protocol and device profile specification for embedded systems used in automation. Used for communication between the surfboard’s main controller and power boards.
STM32L Series
Energy-efficient microcontrollers that manage the core operations of the surfboard effectively while conserving battery life.
Ublox GPS
A precision GPS module that ensures accurate location tracking, vital for mapping routes and implementing safety features.
SPI, UART, I2C, PWM, 1-Wire
Interfaces that handle the internal communication between various components on the printed circuit board (PCB), enabling the exchange of data and control commands.



Our team created firmware for the wakeboard, from scratch. The board is set up by a mobile app and has three power levels (Eco/Sport/Awake) and throttles (Easy/Normal/Aggressive).

The wakeboard is equipped with sound and LED smart indicators and sensors: GPS, temperature, gyroscope, accelerometer, and humidity. The battery is outfitted with active balancing and an intelligent charging process.

Also, the wakeboard has a hall sensor which is mounted with a magnet that stops the board’s engine if the user should fall off the wakeboard in active mode.

The wakeboard is controlled by a Wireless Hand Control (HC), which communicates with the object through the ZigBee module (protocol xbee 802.15.4).

The HC displays the following features:
• Product battery level.
• HC battery level.
• Product speed km/h/mp/h.
• Power/throttle mode.
• Error mode (if errors occur in HC, wakeboard, or if there is a communication issue).

Sirin Software worked together with the hardware designer. We performed the review and tested the hardware used in the wakeboard and offered advisement.


We developed the functionality of the mobile app based on the design provided.
The mobile app connects with the wakeboard via Bluetooth SMART 4.1 and enables operational control, data acquisition, and storage.

Main features:
• User settings for the engine’s power and throttle mode based on requirements.
• Stats (max speed, g-force, distance length and path (recorded on a map).
• All data is recorded and stored in firebase and can be exported to MS Excel.
• Firmware update.
• Control HC and board battery level and health.
• Geo-fence service: user can set playground and forbidden areas for the wakeboard on the map.
• Entering a custom device name.

The app was created both for IOS and Android OS.

Value Delivered

Full Control and Insight
Completed firmware and mobile app were created to provide full control of the settings and statistical collection of the surfboard, as well as hardware design changes.
Efficient Remote Operation
Synchronization between a mobile app, and surfboard and using hand controls to control the board via ZigBee protocol during use
Advanced Safety and Monitoring
Implementation of safety features, gyroscope, accelerometer, and humidity gauge.
The solution is designed to adapt and integrate future technological updates easily, ensuring the product remains cutting-edge. This flexibility protects the client's investment and keeps the product competitive in the market.
Expanded Market Access
By developing mobile apps for both iOS and Android, we've broadened the potential user base, increasing the product’s appeal and market penetration. This strategy maximizes user accessibility and drives higher adoption rates.