Improving Connection Standards For A New Generation Of Consumer Smartwatches

About the Client

The company creates consumer IoT products and specializes in connected wearables.
South Korea
IoT, Wearables

Company’s Request

The client required a solution that would evolve the capabilities of its next generation of smartwatches. The client needed its smartwatches to provide location coordinates to the smartwatches’ owners in the event of an emergency. Due to market expansion for the smartwatches (initially they were sold exclusively in South Korea), the client required that the smartwatches connection standards be updated to be compatible with any country in the world – and that any potential errors with differing grid frequencies be eliminated.

Technology Set

LoRa MCU: Semtech SX1265
A microcontroller unit designed for long-range communication. It is highly efficient in power consumption and provides wireless connectivity over large distances, making it ideal for IoT devices like smartwatches that require extended communication capabilities.
GPS: Ublox M8030
A high-performance GPS module that offers high sensitivity and quick positioning capabilities. It provides accurate location tracking, which is important for the reliable functionality of safety features in smartwatches.
BLE: EFR32BG12P132F1024GM48-C/Silicon Lab
A Bluetooth Low Energy module from Silicon Labs, known for its low power consumption and strong wireless communication capabilities. It allows the smartwatch to connect with smartphones and other BLE-enabled devices for efficient data exchange.
OS: Micrium OS (RTOS)
A real-time operating system (RTOS) designed for embedded systems. It is known for its reliability, compact footprint, and efficiency, making it suitable for applications requiring timely and predictable response times.


Communication standard LoRa works on different grid frequencies in different regions. First-generation smartwatches worked well in South Korea only and when the manufacturer extended the geography of products, resolving any connection issue became crucial.

Our team upgraded LoRa to eliminate this problem, allowing the smartwatches to work seamlessly in any country. The necessary changes conflicted with other performance processes so our engineers updated the operation logic of LED, timing, encryption etc.

Also, we implemented changes to the GPS work processing that increased its accuracy and decreased its power consumption. The changes elongated the battery life.

Value Delivered

Global Market Accessibility
The updates enabled the smartwatches to meet international standards, allowing them to be sold and operated effectively in multiple countries.
Reduced Power Consumption
The smartwatches now use 60% less power, significantly extending battery life.
Streamlined SKU Management
The process for managing stock keeping units (SKUs) was refined, making it easier and more efficient to handle product variations.
Enhanced Device-Server Communication
Upgrades to the LoRa communication technology resulted in more reliable and faster data transfer between the smartwatches and servers.
Improved GPS Accuracy
GPS functionality was enhanced to provide more precise location tracking, required for emergency situations and general user convenience.