Molecular Beverage Printer: Telemetry, QML UI & Advanced Algorithm Upgrades

About the Client

Cana, with its headquarters in California, is an authority in the food & beverages sector, known for innovation. Their state-of-the-art beverage dispensing equipment is proof of their dedication to perfection. These precisely engineered devices use a combination of taste, sugar, alcohol, and CO2 cartridges to provide an individualized beverage experience by adjusting recipes to suit specific customer tastes.
Consumer Goods

Company’s Request

Cana's vision for their beverage dispensing machines encountered technical challenges, particularly within their C++/Qt middleware. They looked for specific knowledge for both bug resolution and the development of groundbreaking features. This is where the Sirin Software team stepped in to bridge the gap.

Technology Set

Communication Protocol
An inter-process communication (IPC) system, allowing multiple, concurrently running computer programs to communicate with one another. Implemented for communication between different components of the system, synchronized operations, and data sharing.
Operating System
A real-time operating system kernel for embedded devices. Given the need for timely and precise operations in beverage dispensing machines, FreeRTOS was chosen for its efficiency, compactness, and real-time capabilities.
Frameworks & Libraries
A free and open-source widget toolkit for creating graphical user interfaces. Qt was instrumental in building the user interface of the beverage dispensing machines, offering a responsive and visually appealing experience.
A user interface markup language, QML is used for designing application user interfaces where touch operation, fluid animations, and user experience are central. It was employed to make the UI not only functional but also user-friendly and engaging.
Programming Languages
A foundational programming language that offers low-level access to memory and system processes. In this project, C was used for performance-critical components and direct system interactions.
An extension of C, C++ offers object-oriented features and is known for its performance and flexibility. Has been used in developing complex functionalities and integration with the Qt framework.

Our collaboration with Cana was marked by technical prowess and innovative vision. Together, we joined forces to enhance the capabilities of Cana’s machines, with Sirin Software’s dedicated team playing a pivotal role in this endeavor.

A cornerstone of our solution was the telemetry subsystem, meticulously crafted using C++, Qt, and QDBus. This system became a vital component, continuously monitoring the device and delivering real-time alerts for events and errors. This proactive monitoring ensured the equipment ran without any issues, avoiding possible interruptions in service.

The user interface, a critical touchpoint for Cana’s customers, underwent a transformative overhaul. Our developers created a visually appealing, vertically scrollable collection of media by utilizing QML’s dynamic features. The system’s pour control was intentionally integrated with this improvement to give users a rich and engaging beverage-choosing experience.


Beyond those obvious improvements, our team looked closely at the system’s inner workings. For improved efficiency, stability, and information delivery, the QML UI was optimized. Backend interfaces were also improved to prepare the system for upgrades and additional functions in the future. We also created a hidden Debug UI, that offers a diagnostic view into the internal functioning of the system, required for tuning and diagnostics.


Value Delivered

Operational Efficiency
Our solution significantly reduced machine downtime, leading to faster order processing. This efficiency translates to reduced operational costs and a smoother user experience.
Enhanced User Experience
The revamped UI and precise beverage dispensing mechanism have elevated customer satisfaction and engagement.
Cana's machines are future-proof thanks to their modular design and backend integration readiness, which enables them to adjust to changing market demands without requiring major overhauls.
Cost Savings
The efficiencies introduced by our solution, from reduced downtimes to optimized operations, translate to tangible cost savings for Cana in the long run.
Brand Image
Offering an individual beverage experience has positioned Cana as an innovator in the food industry.
Data-Driven Insights
The new telemetry system provides actionable insights, enabling proactive maintenance and providing informed business decisions based on real-time data.
Market Expansion
With a robust and adaptive system in place, Cana is well-positioned to explore new market segments and demographics, expanding its reach and customer base.
Innovation Readiness
The system's adaptive design provides swift integration of new features or innovations, keeping our client a step ahead of competitors and market trends.