Website Development and Digital Sampling Application

About the Client

SC Labs specializes in cannabis testing, providing compliance and quality through advanced methodologies and digital solutions. Their mission is to guarantee the safety and potency of products through innovative technology.

Company’s Request

Our client required the development of two major digital solutions: a website for client interaction and information dissemination and a mobile digital sampling application for internal use to simplify sample collection and processing.

Technology Set

Fundamental technologies for web development. We used them to create a responsive and user-friendly interface.
Chosen for its ability to build dynamic and interactive user interfaces efficiently. Its component-based architecture makes the site faster and easier to maintain.
Was selected for its ability to handle multiple client requests efficiently, thanks to its non-blocking, event-driven architecture.
Used for its flexibility and scalability. It’s perfect for managing diverse data types, making data retrieval and management straightforward.
Picked for its speed and accuracy in search functionalities, allowing users to quickly find specific information on the website.
Implemented to enable real-time data synchronization between the website and backend systems to provide the most current information.
Powerful and widely used in Android development. We chose it for the app's reliability and performance.
Offers modern features and improved code readability. It complements Java in Android development, making the app more efficient and maintainable.
Intuitive programming language for iOS apps. We used it for its performance and ease of use on Apple devices.
A lightweight framework for Node.js. We chose it for handling backend operations because it provides a flexible and efficient server environment.
We used HTTPS to secure data transmission between the app and servers, protecting sensitive information.
AES encryption was chosen to protect data at rest and in transit, providing compliance with severe industry standards.

Our team took on the challenge of creating a highly responsive and user-friendly website. The main goal was to provide detailed and accessible information about SC Labs’ services, industry compliance standards, and testing methods. We used HTML, CSS, and JavaScript for the front-end development to make the site look good and work well on different devices and screen sizes. We chose React because it builds dynamic and interactive user interfaces efficiently. React’s component-based design allowed us to create reusable UI components, improving the site’s performance and making it easier to maintain.

For the server side, we used Node.js to handle client requests and server-side logic. This made sure the website could handle high traffic and provide fast response times. MongoDB was our database choice to store and manage extensive data related to cannabis testing, like details about different strains, their potency, and terpene profiles. MongoDB’s non-relational database structure was perfect because it is flexible and scalable, important for managing the varied and extensive data types SC Labs needed.

The website had several key sections: pages explaining the potency of different cannabis strains, focusing on cannabinoids and terpenes, which were required for clients who needed to understand the chemical makeup and effects of different strains. We also provided educational content about terpenes, their aromas, and their effects to help clients make informed decisions based on the chemistry of the products. Additionally, we included information on compliance standards to help clients understand the legal aspects of production and testing, offering a thorough guide to state regulations and compliance requirements.

We integrated advanced search functionality into the website, allowing users to quickly find specific information about product strains, testing services, and compliance guidelines. This search feature was powered by Elasticsearch, a highly scalable open-source search engine known for its speed and accuracy.

During the website development, we encountered a significant challenge with integrating real-time data updates from SC Labs’ internal systems. To solve this, we used a WebSocket-based solution that enabled real-time data synchronization between the website and SC Labs’ backend systems. 

The system always provided users with the most current information, thereby improving the website’s reliability and user experience.

At the same time, we developed the Digital Sampling Application to streamline SC Labs’ sample collection process. This mobile application was built for both Android and iOS platforms using Java and Kotlin for Android, and Swift for iOS. The app was designed to automate and digitize the sample collection process, reducing manual errors, and providing compliance with regulatory standards.

The app’s dashboard provides a comprehensive summary of daily tasks, sample statuses, and upcoming work orders, helping staff manage their workload efficiently, and stay on top of their responsibilities. The Work Order Management feature allows users to view and manage both current and completed work orders, providing detailed information about each order, including client details, sample types, and scheduled times.

The Sample Collection feature helps record sample information accurately, including batch details, matrix type, and testing requirements. This feature supports the collection of various sample types, such as plant tissue, concentrates, and inhalable products, ensuring all necessary data is captured accurately and efficiently. The app includes robust features to rigorously track compliance tests and quality assurance processes, guaranteeing that all collected samples meet strict regulatory standards.

A vital component of the app is its integration with METRC (Marijuana Enforcement Tracking Reporting Compliance), a regulatory compliance system used for tracking cannabis products from seed to sale. Our app integrates seamlessly with METRC, all sample data is accurately recorded and reported in compliance with state regulations. This integration provides full traceability and compliance, which is vital for maintaining legal and regulatory standards in the industry.

To protect sensitive data, the app includes a secure login system and user management features. Only authorized personnel can access and manage sample data, safeguarding the integrity and confidentiality of the information.

One major challenge we faced was securing the accurate and secure transmission of sample data between the mobile application and SC Labs’ internal Laboratory Information Management System (LIMS). To address this, we implemented a robust API layer with encrypted communication channels using HTTPS and advanced encryption standards (AES) for data at rest and in transit. With this approach, all data exchanges were secure and met the strict compliance requirements.

Another challenge was managing the diverse range of sample types and testing requirements, which required a highly flexible and configurable application design. We used a modular architecture, allowing for easy customization and extension of the app’s functionality to accommodate new sample types and testing protocols as they were introduced.

Value Delivered

Operational Efficiency
The new website and mobile app made SC Labs' workflows smoother, cutting down on manual work and improving data accuracy. This led to faster sample processing and better client service.
Regulatory Compliance
With the new app, all samples were collected, documented, and tracked according to state regulations. This reduced the risk of penalties and helped maintain SC Labs' strong reputation for following industry standards.
Improved User Experience
The responsive, user-friendly website made it easy for clients to find information and services. The mobile app simplified sample collection for staff, making their jobs easier and reducing errors.
Both the website and mobile app were built to grow with our client. As the business expands, these digital tools can handle more data and more complex operations without losing performance.
Data Integration
Connecting to SC Labs' Laboratory Information Management System (LIMS), the new tools ensured that all sample data was accurately documented and easily accessible for analysis. This resulted in better decision-making, higher quality control, and more dependable reports.
Data Access
Real-time data synchronization provides customers with the most up-to-date information quickly. This increased decision-making and operational responsiveness, allowing SC Labs to react more swiftly to new data and changes.
The secure login mechanism and high encryption standards safeguarded critical information, so only authorized personnel had access. This improved the security of SC Labs' digital infrastructure and protected client data.
Cost Efficiency
Automating many manual operations and improving data accuracy helped to lower operational costs. Increased productivity and fewer errors resulted in significant cost reductions for our client.
Competitive Advantage
The advanced features and better user experience provided by the new digital solutions positioned SC Labs as a leader in the cannabis testing industry. This edge attracted new clients and strengthened relationships with existing ones.