Functionality Improvement
for Portable RF Wattmeter designs and manufactures high-quality RF systems. They serve wireless system operators, public safety providers, local and state governments, and federal agencies in the United States and internationally.






Company’s Request

The company requested to enhance the functionality of its portable RF Wattmeter.

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The Analog RF equipment seamlessly sends precise signal measurements to the ADC of the advanced MCU. With lightning-fast digital conversion and robust processing capabilities, the MCU flawlessly displays the data on a vibrant screen. The data can also be streamed to a PC via USB (optional) for enhanced versatility.
Moreover, our revolutionary QT-based C++ application takes the data from the 44D and empowers users to unlock a world of possibilities. With just a few clicks, users can generate captivating plots and delve into an in-depth analysis of the received RF parameters, all on their PC.
Our solution is the next level of RF measurement capabilities, as our system delivers unrivaled performance and opens new horizons for exploring and understanding RF signals.

Value Delivered
  • A new hardware update for the product was implemented.
  • Sirin Software stepped in to provide hardware and firmware hotfixes for the existing version of the wattmeter, greatly enhancing the product and earning clients’ satisfaction worldwide.
  • Additionally, our team offered to develop a host software for device diagnostics.
  • As a result, Sirin Software improved the device performance by 20 times and enhanced the RF-measurement capabilities significantly.


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