Optimized BLE testing: CI/CD, audio profiles & overhaul

About the Client

The company excels in developing a comprehensive BLE Stack SDK, encompassing the Link Layer (Controller) and Host components while emphasizing the integration of cutting-edge BLE Audio Profiles.

Company’s Request

The client sought a proficient team capable of assisting him in bringing his idea to fruition through the execution of new test cases for various BLE profiles.

Technology Set

GoCD tool
Utilized to automate the continuous integration and deployment processes, enabling streamlined building, testing, and analysis of the BLE stack.
PowerBI tool
Employed to visualize and analyze test results, facilitating the tracking of performance regressions and aiding in the enhancement of the product.
Implementation of test suites for different BLE profiles
Developed to rigorously evaluate each BLE profile, ensuring they meet required specifications and function correctly under various scenarios.
Implementation and refactoring of BLE audio profiles
Focused on introducing and refining BLE audio profiles like PBP and BAP, along with developing corresponding test harnesses for certification and quality assurance.

Solution #1: Implementation of CI/CD with GoCD Tool in order to automate testing (general)
The implementation of a CI/CD pipeline using the GoCD tool. It consists of three crucial steps: building the BLE stack, conducting comprehensive testing, and analyzing the test results. The results pass into the PowerBI tool for a better illustration of the test run of the build, thus assisting in tracking performance regression and, as a result fixing/improving the product with less effort.

Solution #2: Overhauling the Test Harness Architecture
Revamping the existing test harness architecture with a new approach based on a unit test framework. This solution helped to improve the reliability of the testing flow and avoid crashes not related to test cases.

Solution #3: Implementation of Profile Test Suites
The purpose of these test suites is to facilitate the evaluation of specific performance profiles or scenarios. 

Solution #4: Implementation of BLE Audio profiles
Implementing the new profiles (PBP, BAP, etc.) of BLE Audio protocol and related test harness for certification purposes.

Value Delivered

Increased Efficiency and Accuracy
Implementation of automation for Link Layer and Host Test harnesses. Automation reduces the need for manual testing and repetitive tasks, leading to faster and more efficient testing processes.
Diverse Test Coverage
Implementing new test cases for different BLE profiles, including BLE Audio profiles like BAP, CAP, VCP, MICP, etc., expands the scope of testing, ensuring comprehensive coverage across various functionalities and scenarios.
Profile Maintenance
The ability to fix and implement BLE Audio profiles like PBP, HAP, CSIP, etc., ensures that any issues or shortcomings in these profiles are addressed, leading to improved performance and reliability.
Host Layer Testing
Implementing an RPC for testing the Host layer on the Nordic platform facilitates efficient and effective testing, enabling seamless integration and compatibility between the Host and Link Layer.