Orders System Packaging Optimization for Warehouses

About the Client

Our client, a prominent retailer in the consumer goods sector, operates a vast network of stores across multiple countries.

Company’s Request

With the expansion of their business and an increase in the number of warehouses, the client faced challenges in managing the increased flow of goods. The primary issue was the inefficient packaging process that led to delays, errors in order fulfillment, and increased costs due to repackaging needs and misplacement of orders. The client required a sophisticated system that would improve accuracy in order processing, and enhance overall efficiency in their warehouses.

Technology Set

Android Phones
We chose Android phones because they are widely available and support powerful mobile applications, making them ideal for our system needs.
Generalscan GS R1000BT Bluetooth Barcode Scanner
This scanner was selected for its durability, long battery life, and ease of use, which are essential in demanding environments.
Enables the barcode scanners and mobile devices to communicate in real time.
Kotlin and Java
The Android platform extensively supports these programming languages, providing powerful libraries and APIs that enable rapid development and secure application performance.
Version Control Systems (e.g., Git)
These systems help coordinate development efforts and manage different versions of our software, supporting teamwork and ensuring that updates are tracked and implemented smoothly.

Our team crafted a sophisticated system combining a mobile app with Bluetooth-enabled barcode scanning technology. This setup was customized to align with the client’s inventory needs and the daily workflow of their warehouses. The mobile app allows warehouse staff to scan items and instantly update inventory data, ensuring all information is current and accurately reflected in the system. This phase involved iterative design sessions to refine the app’s functionality, focusing on user-friendly interfaces and reliable data processing to support fast-paced warehouse operations.

During the integration phase, we incorporated the new system into the client’s existing IT setup, which involved alignment with their warehouse management software, without disrupting ongoing operations. We conducted stress tests and scenario simulations, to validate the robustness of the system. This testing aimed to identify and fix any issues before widespread deployment, to confirm the system was reliable under various operational conditions.

In this project, we faced two main issues that needed careful handling. The first issue was with the system’s performance under heavy usage. In the beginning, when many people used the system at the same time, it slowed down and didn’t handle the large amount of information smoothly. To fix this, we improved the system’s underlying structure to better manage big data loads, making sure it could keep up during busy times without problems.

The second challenge was getting the warehouse staff comfortable with using the new technology. Initially, some were hesitant to switch from the methods they knew well to a new digital system. To help with this, we conducted detailed training sessions where we went through how the system worked, step-by-step. We focused on showing them how this new tool could make their daily tasks easier and help them avoid common mistakes.

Value Delivered

Enhancing Efficiency
Our solution significantly streamlined the client's warehouse operations, reducing the time needed to package each order and speeding up the overall fulfillment process. This improvement allowed the business to process more orders in less time, improving productivity.
Reducing Costs
By reducing packaging errors and eliminating the need for rework, the system significantly cut down on operational costs. These savings came from reduced material waste and less time spent correcting mistakes, allowing the client to allocate resources more efficiently.
Improving Accuracy
The enhanced tracking system ensured that each order was packaged correctly, reducing the frequency of misplaced or incorrectly processed orders. This increase in accuracy helped build customer trust and reduced the time and cost of handling returns.
Boosting Scalability
The new system is designed to grow with the business, supporting future expansions and increased order volumes without the need for significant additional investments.
Improving Inventory Management
The solution improved inventory tracking, providing real-time insights into supply levels. This enabled the client to maintain optimal stock levels, reducing excess inventory and avoiding stockouts.