SabaiOpen Project: OpenWrt-based Operating System

About the Client

Sabai Technology specializes in the development and distribution of advanced wireless network equipment optimized for VPN use, making high-tech VPN accessible for homes and businesses.
Software & Hi-Tech

Company’s Request

Sabai Technology sought to address the growing demand for bandwidth and reliable VPN services needed to support an array of data-intensive applications like voice and video across their enterprise networks. They required a solution that allows secure, technician-free setup for devices and maintains consistent connectivity across branch offices without conventional input-output interfaces.

Technology Set

OpenWRT is flexible and allows customization of many parts of the network, like routing and security settings. It's open-source and can be freely used and modified, which helped us adapt it to different network needs.
Used to write the main software that runs on routers. These languages helped us make the software efficient and responsive.
Used for automating regular tasks like updating software or changing settings.
PHP is used for the web part of the router interface, letting administrators change settings or check the system’s status through a web browser.
JavaScript makes the web interface of the router interactive, allowing for immediate updates and changes without needing to reload the page.
We use jQuery to make JavaScript coding easier and faster. It helped in building a more efficient and user-friendly web interface for the router.
Utilized to implement secure ways for remote access to the network.
We included PPTP because it’s easier to set up on older systems and still provides essential security through encryption, allowing safe connections to the network.
IProute is used to control data travel through our network in detail.
Utilized to set up rules that determine how incoming and outgoing network traffic should be handled, protecting the network from unauthorized access.
Jenkins automates the process of updating and testing our software. This means every new update is automatically checked for errors before it goes live, keeping the system stable and up-to-date.

Our team re-engineered the SabaiOpen OS, based on OpenWrt, tailored for custom-designed routers with x86-64 architecture. This operating system simplifies network management, making it accessible without the need for specialized IT staff. It automates the connection process, allowing devices to effortlessly access the internet and integrate into networks securely and efficiently.

The system uses advanced security protocols to maintain connections, including automated network management routines that handle configurations such as DHCP and DNS without manual input.

We implemented a grub2-based firmware upgrade mechanism to support the router’s full lifecycle management. This mechanism allows for regular updates necessary for system security and functionality.

The upgrades include a failsafe mode, ensuring that if an update fails, the router can revert to a previous stable state without disrupting the user’s connectivity. This is needed for maintaining reliability and trust, especially in environments dependent on continuous network availability.

We also enhanced the router’s backend systems to support a range of advanced network features tailored to diverse user needs and hardware specifications. This solution adapts to various custom hardware configurations and runs effectively on different router models designed for specific performance requirements. Features like TOR for anonymous web surfing and VPN protocols such as OpenVPN and PPTP were integrated, providing secure and private internet access.

Our team enhanced the router’s network management capabilities, including sophisticated port forwarding, dynamic gateway configuration, and Linux IPtables for advanced routing and security management.

A user-friendly web interface was developed using HTML5, CSS, jQuery 1.10, and PHP, making it easy for both technical and non-technical users to manage their router settings. This interface is designed to be intuitive, offering users control over their network settings directly from their browsers.

We also established a Jenkins-based continuous integration system that automates the build and testing processes to simplify new software releases before deployment.

Value Delivered

Advanced Firmware Management
A cutting-edge firmware upgrade system designed to keep the router software consistently up-to-date and fully operational. This system is important for reducing interruptions and ensuring services are always available, which is key for maintaining customer trust and staying competitive in the market.
Reduction in Operational Costs
Backend systems enhance both the functionality and security of network connections while also decreasing the costs associated with managing these networks. By making these processes more efficient, Sabai Technology can use its resources more effectively, focusing on new innovations and expanding its market reach.
Enhancing Market Position through Improved Security
Advanced security features, including TOR for anonymous internet browsing and strong VPN protocols like OpenVPN and PPTP. These features meet the growing demand for secure networking solutions and establish Sabai Technology as a leader in providing secure network equipment for both homes and businesses.
Scalability and Adaptability
A network solution that can easily be adjusted to support various hardware modifications, allowing Sabai Technology to swiftly respond to changing market demands and customer requirements.