Smart Sensor System and Cloud Service Solution

The iMatrix Online System provides a complete set of highly on-demand scalable sensor data collection services with both Real Time and Time Series data storage.


iMatrix Systems


Nevada, USA



Company’s Request

A customer asked to develop IoT sensors and a cloud service solution that could be implemented by any business regardless of scale and/or level.

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Focusing on the development of Firmware and Cloud Systems, our technical team has been involved in the creation of a flexible platform for AgTech, Industrial IoT, Market, Food and transport services, and Health and Care projects. The goal of this platform is to analyze a wide range of data gathered from sensors, actuators, and gateways. A wide range of businesses, including healthcare, hospitality, essential infrastructure, and soil monitoring, can use the sensors.

The platform’s adaptability and comprehensive data analysis capabilities are its strongest points. It provides a variety of channels for preserving previous logs and monitoring real-time sensor data. Each system-connected device can also be customized and updated with new firmware directly from the cloud. This flexibility guarantees that the platform can quickly and effectively incorporate particular solutions in accordance with the requirements of different industries.

Value Delivered

Multi-Level Hierarchical Device Grouping
By streamlining device management, this feature has boosted operational efficiency and saved time in navigating large networks, a significant improvement for the client’s business.

Fully Automated Notification System
The client now benefits from immediate alerts on critical changes, enabling swift responses that maintain optimal conditions, prevent potential issues, and reduce downtime.

Microservice Architecture
The client’s system flexibility and reliability have been enhanced by dividing the system into manageable parts, a design approach that allows for seamless updates without operational disruption.

Fully Scaled Cloud-Based System
As the client’s business grows, so does their system. The scalability ensures smooth handling of increasing workloads, eliminating concerns about system performance degradation.

Time-Series Graphs
The client now has a simplified way to identify trends and patterns, thanks to these graphs that visually interpret data. This aids in strategic decision-making and improves business outcomes.

Million Devices Support
Supporting large-scale IoT deployments has been a game-changer for the client’s expanding business and operations in multiple industries or locations.

Universal Solution For Different Industries
The client’s market reach has expanded with this versatile solution, opening up new business opportunities across various industries.

Reporting System
The client now enjoys detailed insights from this robust reporting system, which enhances operational transparency and accountability by enabling close monitoring of the IoT deployment, data-driven decision-making, and evidence of compliance.

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