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JavaScript Development Services

Javascript is a highly expressive technology solution that expands the possibilities at your users’ disposal with more ​functionality in the front end. It makes applications and websites more agile and has a set of frameworks that reduce development times and speed up the time to market.

Sirin Software is a leader in contemporary JavaScript development. Our JavaScript developers are always prepared to create interactive applications and simple-to-use products that will appeal to your target readership.

Why JavaScript Development?

JavaScript is the “safest” and most popular programming language in the world with over twenty years of history. JS does not provide low-level memory or CPU access because it was initially set up for browsers that do not require it.

Developing software with JavaScript

Enables the building of cross-platform HTML5 + JavaScript applications. Developers can also add functionality created by third parties into their apps, for example, Twitter or Facebook API.

JavaScript is supported by a great community of developers who are making contributions to the growth of this technology. According to SlashData, 12.2 million builders are developing software with JavaScript.

Advantages of JavaScript

JS is a language with many advantages that make it a good choice. Just a few advantages that summarize the benefits for JavaScript developers:

  • No modern browser is complete without JavaScript support
  • A continuously evolving language. A beta version of the project, JavaScript2, is being under development now
  • The interaction with the application can be implemented even through text editors such as Microsoft Office and Open Office
  • Useful functional settings
Useful Features of JavaScript Development

When you use JS, the following functions are available for implementation:

1. the ability to change browser pages;

2. adding or removing tags;

3. information about user actions on the page;

4. requesting access to a random part of the page’s source code;

5. the ability to make modifications to the code;

6. actions with cookies.

The scope of JavaScript development services is incredibly extensive and endless. Among the programs that utilize JS are text editors and applications (both for computer and mobile devices), and also application software.

JavaScript Based Solutions

Our team has provided input to the development of the cloud system for IoT products. The JavaScript developers, thereby, increased the number of inquiries and undertook system optimization.

JavaScript development services focus on adding a variety of interactive elements to your website and improve its functions. Such features are set up by means of JavaScript programming: changing pictures, carousels, image galleries, or responses to a button click.

Our engineering team provides support in the following areas:

  • development of user device drivers;
  • Linux kernel programming;
  • support for application developers;
  • graphic settings.

Nowadays, developing software with JavaScript is positioned as the most widely used development service with complete HTML / CSS integration. Based on continuous feedback, we can safely say that JavaScript is going to stay one of the most popular programming languages.

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Interested in increasing the functionality and want to have a versatile application? Contact us to obtain a solution based on JavaScript ​development for your business.

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