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Just about 30 years since its release, Python is still an impressively capable programming language, and Python development services remain in high favor and trendy among developers. Our team at Sirin Software has also a particular fondness for Python. The huge reason for that is its continuing position as a multi-purpose and multi-function language allowing for building various applications without really putting a limit on your creativity.

As for the actual statistics, last years’ Stack Overflow survey has shown Python holding an honorable third place in the list of technologies most loved among developers. It is also the most wanted language among those not coding with it yet. The friendly community of Python developers is one of the causes for such immense popularity since novices can find almost any answer on multiple forums and learning platforms

What Can Python Do?

The broad utilization of features that comes with Python development continues to expand due to the language’s well-connected ecosystem. According to the survey held by Jet Brains, Python is nowadays mostly used for:

  • Web development (by 49% of surveyed);
  • Data analysis (43%);
  • Machine learning (41% of participants);
  • System administration (30%);
  • Software testing (26%).
Let’s look closely at the most popular uses of Python’s capabilities among tech companies

Web and Software Development

C development is very grounded, function-driven, and procedural. It lets developers get super close to the hardware, while C++ has upped the game by combining the power of the former and mixing it with object-oriented programming. The main differences between these languages and their performance are:

Data Science

Using our Python development expertise, our team can safely say – data is where Python shines. The list of its data-focused frameworks keeps expanding and giving data research, analysis, and organization even more innovative and adjustable tools. Clear representation of any data sets gives an obvious head start in processes of understanding given patterns and building reports

Machine Learning

The presence of an extensive selection of open-source scientific libraries is another reason why developers keep on choosing Python for data science and machine learning. These libraries present precious data processing opportunities by conveying lots of pre-written pieces of basic code. Both AI and machine learning fields use Python to apply their infrastructures inside various apps and websites

Internet of Things

Most Python development teams agree that Python code works as excellent communication assistance between a plethora of devices connected to the Internet – displays, robots, sensors, healthcare apps, smart cars, security systems, digital assistants, etc. Being on the backend side of the development process, Python helps to deal with multiple IoT requirements and build any device prototypes

Advantages of Python Development

Developing with Python is known for its effective communication between team members or even standalone developers since the easily readable code and available integrated development environment alleviates tons of stress. The work becomes even more productive with rapid prototyping

The language also generously provides Python development teams with:

  • Rich visualization options with charts, plots, and reports;
  • Various frameworks to further simplify the process;
  • Clean syntax to make all elements of more complex systems work together as one;
  • Pretty coherent and unambiguous code, parts of which can run separately for extra convenience;
  • Helpful packages to make features implementation even more effective.

Python-based solutions are widely praised and favored primarily due to their less restrictive approach. Multiple companies, especially startups, can appreciate it because, if need be, the company can modify or completely change the project’s course without substantial damage during development.

Python Disadvantages

Python development is perfectly balanced, as all things should be, therefore it also possesses a few downsides. First, multiprocessing may be less flexible compared to other programming languages. There are some follow-up issues with the coding speed, which are understandable – Python is interpreted, not compiled, meaning it needs more time to translate its code.

A couple of other challenges include the lack of popularity in mobile app development, higher memory expenditure, and some functional and visual design restrictions due to Python being dynamic during coding.

Python for Embedded Development

Embedded software development companies have also discovered some notable benefits from using Python. Developers favoring Python for embedded development have reported improved communication between the system and its user, easier code transfer from desktops to hardware, outstanding integrated data structures, and less consequent maintenance.

Here at Sirin Software, our Python development expertise allows us to quickly create custom code for embedded software and test it right after. Dynamic typing and subsequent error reduction make Python a great choice in areas where you need quick optimization and reprogramming.


By going for Python development services as a means for creating an elegant and functional tool or a service, you show that you have put a lot of thought into it. Many software companies, us included, choose Python due to its simple and flexible nature, pretty stable environment, and the potential for making clients’ most stringent requirements a reality.

Don’t hesitate and drop us a question or, even better, a challenge of what we can do for you using our Python development expertise.

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