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React Native Development:
Cross-Platform App Building at its Finest

It wouldn’t be an exaggeration to claim that the notorious Android/iOS divide is largely viewed as the principal bane both for businesses intending to launch their mobile app and smartphone owners but with React Native development the lion’s share of related headache is sure to sink into oblivion. Being a qualified mobile app developer that guarantees top-level full-cycle React Native development, Sirin Software believes the practice of React Native mobile development to be the future of app-building endeavors in the realm. What makes us so sure about the beckoning prospects of vendors providing React Native development services?

React: A Robust Web Tool with a Native Follow-up

React was born with a silver spoon in its mouth. Why? Because having Facebook as its progenitor spells high-end implementation and large-scale employment. For eight years of its presence on the market, this JavaScript library has grown into a popular open-source tool leveraged for developing dynamic web applications with reusable UI and fast performance.

Today, it not only enjoys a numerous community of average users but is also popular among a whole bunch of blue-chip brands (including Instagram, Microsoft, Twitter, Whatsapp, Netflix, Uber, and PayPal, to name a few) that employ it in building their digital products. And it is no wonder that React rates first among IT professionals, 41% of who utilize it in their web app development efforts.

Despite being a recognized leader in the niche, React app development services were deficient in their scope since the framework targeted only the browser, which put mobile solutions out of its ken. Mark Zuckerberg admitted the inadequacy of their approach that focused exclusively on HTML and turned a blind eye to the mobile experience, promising to amend the lopsidedness. His commitment took a couple of years to come to fruition, ushering React Native mobile development that became a godsend to many a React Native application development company.

React Native Development: Too Good to Be Missed

Sirin Software has brought forth quite a number of mobile apps so we are aware of the daunting task to deliver digital products that would run smoothly on both Android – and iOS-powered devices. The full cycle React Native development comes as a perfect solution to this quandary, bringing a slew of advantages in its wake.

  • The optimal tool for hybrid app development. Being initially honed for creating apps that run on Apple products, modern React Native allows building solutions for the two major operating systems, simultaneously utilizing a single codebase for both. Compiling directly into the native code, this tool provides the app’s no-lag functioning on gadgets of any brand.
  • Cost-saving nature. Building a one-size-fits-all app is obviously cheaper than splurging on two products for Android and iOS.
  • Foolproof usage. For any expert having JavaScript skills, working with React Native is a cakewalk. Besides, you can always see the introduced changes by pressing Command+R without waiting for the app to build.
  • Extensive code sharing. According to estimates, around 90% of the codebase is common between the apps’ Android and iOS versions which allows for code reusing on a broad scale – a tremendous effort-saving edge!
  • Swifter development. The two previous boons translate into this one. The full-cycle React Native development is much shorter thanks to the prompt iterations carried out on the hoof and a smaller amount of unique code-writing.
  • Drawing upon native elements. Unlike Cordova or Ionic that rely on performance-handicapping combinations of JavaScript, CSS, and HTML to render animations, React Native accesses native UI libraries the host platform contains. Such a shortcut results in the high-quality look and feel of the app built with it.
  • Lots of useful perks. React Native is an extremely third-party-friendly framework. By employing it, you can make use of any JavaScript text editor (not only mandatory for the two behemoths Xcode and Android Studio), enjoy intelligent error reporting and debugging tools, or utilize development tools furnished by Chrome or Safari.

In view of these numerous assets, React Native development is a superb approach to building apps that appeals to both startups and full-fledged enterprises. Sirin Software as a high-profile React Native application development company offers an entire gamut of React app development services

React Native Development Services by Sirin Software

What can businesses and individuals get if they address us?

  • End-to-end React Native development. We can provide high-quality app development (both platform-specific and hybrid), impeccable UI design, and meticulous performance testing. Our crew of qualified and certified experts can create any kind of mobile app in all industries of our competence. Besides, our specialists are always available for joining your in-house team, reinforcing it with their expertise and dedicated commitment.
  • Server-side APIs. Our React app development services go beyond building a new app from scratch. We can augment the functionality of your current React Native app if it lacks a server. To fill in the gap, we create a solution that comprises a missing server and a set of APIs that establish an effective rapport between the UI and the server.
  • Support and maintenance. We don’t call it a day after the project is completed and extend React Native development services to our customers in the post-launch period. In case the product reveals inadequacies of functioning, we react to React issues immediately. Our support squad will work 24/7 to fix bugs and provide seamless running of the app. Moreover, we can upscale the product and rearrange its architecture so that it could match the growing demands of your company and fit into its shifting business needs.
  • Code audit. If you have built a React Native app but aren’t sure whether it will hold water, Sirin Software can perform a comprehensive audit of its codebase to tap its weaknesses and forestall the appearance of problems related to speed, stability, and quality of operation.
Expand Your Reach with React Native Technology

In our increasingly globalized post-COVID world, it is the thriftiness and universality that ultimately condition the success of any business venture. The same holds true for the mobile app industry where cross-platform solutions are a great cost-saver enabling entrepreneurs to reach out to the maximum number of consumers.
Sirin Software will accompany you on the road to the financial bonanza where React Native development will become your competitive differentiator instrumental in producing a first-rate hybrid app with superb performance and exquisite UI design.

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