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Rust Development Services

Why They are Worthy of Your Attention?

Rust development services have become more and more in demand over the past few years. According to the Rust Survey 2020, approximately 40% of developers are already using Rust. About half of them said their employer plans to hire Rust developers next year. Having only appeared in 2015, Rust has already become the most beloved programming language. It’s time to figure out what Rust software and web development services are all about and why exactly you need them for your business right now.

Specifics of Rust Programming

Rust is an open-source system that has long gone out of the experimental period and has become on a par with all other known and used languages.

There are several main reasons why developers prefer Rust to all other languages. Rust was originally conceived as a language that would sideline C\C++. And it did it thanks to solving problems with memory, parallel programming, and invalid references. Security issues and data spikes required a solution that other languages could not fully provide. Also, what makes Rust preferable is that it has no garbage collectors, unlike C\C++.

Over the years, Rust has ceased to be seen as an extremely low-level language among developers and is now considered quite universal. Its capabilities allow not only to optimize applications on Rust but also to speed up their development. Rust allows for faster product production, which is why developers love it.

Rust is already used in the development of well-known products, for example, Solana (development of blockchain projects), Maidsafe (decentralized storage and work with data), Coursera (educational platform), and many others.

Modern web applications look simple as the look of the user interface has reached unprecedented heights. In fact, this is a rather complex mechanism with at least 3 details:

  • Frontend interface
  • Server services
  • Software components

In the last two points, Rust development services will be especially useful, although it can work with all three. It was pointed out above for increased security and no garbage in the code, but Rust has an additional advantage for creating web services – low latency. Rust is able to provide it because of its low-level hardware control and some less important aspects.

Compiler properties are also important for creating applications on Rust. It is capable of removing any erroneous or dangerous code before it falls into the end user’s hands. This not only improves safety but also increases productivity levels. The listed advantages make Rust a very interesting tool for cloud applications, since these services are not saved by the scaling of capacities, it is precisely optimization that is needed.

Products on Rust

For over a year now, Microsoft has been using Rust in C\C++ integration. The main reason Microsoft decided to use Rust is because of security issues that couldn’t be fixed with the existing language.

Even earlier, in 2018, Figma felt the need for Rust programming. Rust has become their preferred choice in terms of speed, resource consumption, and, again, security. Some of their problems were related to the garbage collector, which interfered with the work of the servers. Here, Rust helped them a lot. At the same time, Figma developers note that the emphasis on security in Rust can lead to some development issues, but they dealt with this problem on their own.

For the same reason as Microsoft, Facebook decided to switch entirely to Rust, as the cost of bugs and security issues was too high for them. Rust is able to detect most of these errors and help fix them.

As you can see, this programming language has found strong allies that are unlikely to let it sink into oblivion. Note that in all of these examples Rust is presented as an improved version of C\C++.

Should You Consider Rust?

A paradoxical situation has developed: Rust serves billions of transactions every day, but due to the fact that there are not so many companies using products on Rust now, developers often decide not to spend time learning it. This situation forced Google to remove Rust from its new OS, as too few developers (for Google’s scale) know how to work with the new language. The sooner that circle is broken, the faster applications on Rust will become safer and faster.

Rust development services can be equally efficient solutions for building cloud, web, and native applications, which poses the question for the owner of the company: “Is it worth integrating or switching to Rust?” The solution to this dilemma depends on the scale of the enterprise and the geolocation of your business, although the latter is not so important, since you may always turn to Rust development outsourcing.

Rust already works in small stores as well as in Android and IBM, the transition to Rust is most likely a matter of time.

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