A Web App for a Wireless Technology Provider

Our client is the VC-funded startup company GuRu Wireless. The startup’s main mission is to contribute to electric power delivery through the air at room-scale and beyond to truly free people and businesses from having to run wires, change batteries, plug things in or bring them to a power source. GuRu is focused on providing the most efficient, precise, and intelligent delivery of wireless power over distances that any system has ever conceived.


GuRu Wireless




Electrical & Electronic Manufacturing

Company’s Request

The client required the creation of a web page that allows managing the spreading of the energy through the surrounding environment in real-time. This called for the creation of a new interactive web software piece with manually designed object models and features.

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Technology Set


AWS (Lambda, API Gateway, RDS)

AWS Cognito



The ultimate solution was to build a web application that would be able to render 3D models according to adjustable parameters. We used ReactJS to outline the web interface, Three.JS to create 3D models of signal transmission devices, and AWS Cognito to implement a user authentication and control system.

Value Delivered
  • A user-friendly web application for wireless services management 3D models that render in real-time.
  • A control panel with adjustable parameters for utter user convenience simpler sales process.
  • A good share of authenticity added to the services GuRu Wireless provides.

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