Best Smart Home Devices on the Market Right Now

By: Segiy Sergienko, 1 Apr 2021
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The smart home technology niche is evolving higher and further every year, offering global users more and more advanced smart home products. Today, one can easily control literally all household appliances, from power outlets to smart pet feeders, via one centralized solution, waving much of your domestic cares goodbye.

According to statistics, in 2019, the total value of the smart home solutions development market was US $28 billion, and the annual growth in the next few years should make about 12%.


This stimulates smart home companies to create cool new products and make your home automation even more advanced. That’s why we decided to briefly review some of the best smart home devices that caught our attention.

Top Smart Home Solutions 

The following are some of the coolest smart home devices you can purchase to ultimately automate, enhance the functionality, and reinforce the security of your abode with the best smart home system. By the way, at Sirin Software, we can help you set up the best smart home system using any of these devices.

Awesome smart speakers from Google

While Alexa smart home is still good and all, it isn’t the king of the market anymore, as a number of more than decent alternatives emerge. In particular, Google offers a whole line of advanced smart speakers. If you’re okay picking Google Assistant over Amazon Alexa, you can certainly get something to bargain for. Namely:

  • Google Home Max – a smart speaker with an emphasis on the power and quality of sound. This is a full-on stereo system that produces great bass and clean (but not completely pure) sound so that you could enjoy your favorite tunes via handy voice recognition. Priced at $299.99, Google Home Max is a great combination of smart home technology and music experience.
  • Nest Audio, Nest Mini, and Nest Hub – these are smaller yet no less high-quality speakers that you can afford to place in more than one room of the house and set up a multi-channel smart home technology system. Mini is the smallest and most affordable speaker ($49.99) while Audio is its “older brother” ($99.99) and Hub ($89.99) is a portable Google Assistant-powered panel for centralized management of all connected speakers.
  • Google Nest Hub Max – no matter whether you get a single Google Home Max speaker or multiple smaller smart home solutions, Hub Max will be a convenient, vivid display to help you manage the whole system. The device has a large display and can even be used as a smart home security camera. The price of the question is $229.99.

Handy smart plug by ConnectSense

ConnectSense Smart Outlet 2 is the ultimate cool little thing to help you modernize your home top-to-bottom. You get a dual-outlet smart plug that you can manage via an iOS or Android app straight from your smartphone. It also easily synchronizes with Google Assistant, Alexa smart home solutions, and Siri for voice controls. This baby will help you monitor energy consumption and optimize related expenses for a single payment of $59.95.

All-in-one smart home security by SimpliSafe

SimpliSafe smart home security system is among the best smart home devices to grant you reliable home protection you can set up how you like. It comes with a DIY element where you can set up the security in the rooms and areas you like without putting much effort into it. Priced at $229 as a full package, it comes in different packages so that you could set up a custom system with only the elements you need. And you don’t even need to make any contracts to start using the system.

A smart “dog nanny” by Furbo

And for the cherry on top, Furbo dog camera is among “not too essential” yet “kinda life-saving” smart home products for everybody having to cope with daily doggy activities. For a single investment of $249, it allows you to hear your dog and talk to it via built-in speakers; use a barking alert that should help save your and your neighbors’ nerves; and watch your doggy on a hi-def 1080 camera that works great even in the total darkness.


These are some of the best smart home devices that we believe every smart home technology enthusiast should pay attention to. However, they make up only a fraction of the market, which is brimming with the best smart home system solutions up to date that modern smart home companies manage to provide. Sirin Software is among such companies – contact us to start your own advanced smart home project using the best smart home devices right now.

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